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Written On The Body

Jessica goes for his neck just as their front door crashes open -- "Fault" -- and Bill stands there, unable to enter, called there by Sookie's fall and Jessica's uproar. Jessica resists, but as her maker Bill commands her, and she stops moving. He summons Eden to the door, against Daddy's protest, and glamours her: "Now, you listen to me. I'm here to protect you. You and your mother and your father. I am your friend. So you just invite me in and I can make everything stop." He's so sexy, with the rattler going. "You can?" she asks, justifiably suspicious of grownups, and he smiles beautifully at her. "Yes." She doesn't pause. "Won't you please come in, sir?"

He zooms to Sookie, pushing her toward the door as she babbles her apologies: "SHUT UP." It's angry and mean, and stops her in her tracks. She stands outside the door, and he bends to clean up her mess, snarling into black.

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True Blood




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