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The Invention Of Roses

And one day the pressure from up there is so heavy that you either kill yourself or you swim down, down past everything, every single No, and you get to the bottom. Where everything is too large to even talk to, and just swims by with its own gravity. Unconcerned and uninterested and deeply, deeply loving. Not too nice, not too mean. And there is something very special and very private and very beautiful down there, where things are hot and sweaty and scary and red.

And if you can grab that thing, maybe grab some other things while you're down there, the world flips itself over -- it was designed just for you, just to do this one simple thing -- and you're swimming toward the light. And maybe it takes a while, maybe it doesn't, but eventually you reach the surface, and the light is on the water, shining, and you realize that you are beautiful, and that you get to say Yes, finally. Yes, and. That nobody is actually watching you to make sure you follow orders and keep saying No.

And it makes a bit of a splash, and the world will continue to break your heart afterwards, and you will eventually realize that nothing has really changed besides you, besides everything, and if it's the gay thing or something on that level, maybe it will cure your chronic ailments like it did mine. Whatever it is, it's precious and private and none of my business. But on that day, something divine speaks to you, just like on the day you were born the first time, and this is exactly how it feels:

"We're going to live forever. We're going to be young forever. The world, it's... Like, wide open to us."

You can take that, you can reduce that, to a coming-out metaphor if you want, but I think of it more as saving your own life. Burning off the broken, and unnecessary, the parts that don't work, and every single lie you've ever told. Dying and being born to the world you were supposed to live in, all along.


While directing them along Doug's memory train, Sookie briefly brings up the fact that she barfed interruptus all over Alcide, but he's not having that. Doug doesn't even remember this part, not a little bit.

Bill: "What if this -- even this, right now -- is all part of a plan? What if we're being delivered to Russell, courtesy of Nora? Not to show too much of how my gross little brain works, but I doubt he'd help her cause for free, so she'd need to buy him in as an ally..."
Eric: "Duh, that is not what happened, stop bringing it up. What about how she was smuggling us out of the country?"

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