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The Invention Of Roses

Tara: "Uh, what's with the getup [see?]?"
Hoyt: "It's the Look! For fangbangers."

Tara points out that he's better than being a simple scene fangbanger, and Hoyt points out that until recently she was too good for vampires. At this point, Hoyt tries to get her to bite him. Somehow, she resists. I mean, we're not even vampires -- as far as I know! -- and I would still give it a shot, if it were Hoyt Fortenberry. Even if he is dressed like some hypothetical Killers episode of Glee.*

Tara: "I have known you since we were children, and you look like the emcee in a children's performance of Cabaret. Go home, Hoyt. Even Pam thinks you're too green for this."
Hoyt: "Or maybe not!"

*(And by "even if," of course I mean, "particularly because.")

Tara: "...Or maybe not. Dammit."


The trail of memories and body parts leads to the Morgue. Even the characters actually on the television show find this a little, as is sometimes said of things, "on the nose."


Terry: "Oh my God, I just had a flashback about the ifrit."
Patrick: "Holy shit, is this storyline still happening?"

Eller: "Isn't it funny how flammable and inflammable both mean the same thing? Anyway, this bunker is flame-retardant and there's a sprinkler system. Can't do anything about the demons on the inside, but at least the outsides are retardant."

Terry: "No, like, we're the last three guys from that unit, right? So now we're all together? And I don't care how retardant everything is right now, I bet you dollars to donuts that ifrits don't care."
Patrick: "Wait, now both of you are about this? At first I thought you were just dicking with his broken mind, but... Aw, man. Fuck me."

Terry bounces, so Patrick is forced to subdue Eller and tie him up again. Outside, Terry is lighting a cigarette -- smart -- and Patrick is just totally over his mess.

Terry: "I thought I was hallucinating, and then I guess I just completely forgot the whole incident because of how we murdered a town, but in the final analysis I saw it, too. We killed those people, we can't undo it, now we gotta pay. Pay a ghost smoke monster."

But back inside, here comes the ifrit. And Eller is all tied up. And it's smoke and muscle, fire, dancing.

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