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The Invention Of Roses

God: "No, your stupid ass still blames yourself for Jesus dying, just like dumb-ass Sookie does about Debbie Pelt."
Lafayette: "This is still too much! Self-control is not my forte!"
God: "Why do you think we're here?"

He continues talking about his life as a good person and asking God for a sign, while simultaneously smashing God into little bits on his living room carpet. So yeah, Lala's doing great.

Lafayette: "Jesus? My dead boyfriend one, not the... Listen, I know you didn't show up before, when your body disappeared from my hand chair and Sookie wouldn't stop bugging me, but I could really use a sign right now that you are available for a chat, or just to like hold my hand for a second."

God: "You see your footprints all over my iconography? Notice how there's only one set?"


Forces Patrick and Terry to tie each other up at gunpoint, asking if anything followed them there. At some point when they're both tied down, it begins to dawn on them that they probably should not have come here. Well, at least one person is interested in this storyline.


Has an inception situation where he dreams of himself, in little-kid sleepover pajamas, giggling at breakfast with Li'l Sookie and generally having a ball. Of course, their parents immediately start bleeding from neck bites, into their cereal, and then just in case that was too on-the-nose, Mama Stackhouse finally shows interest in her kids by offering Jason a beej. It's a bit much, altogether, although the music is a nice touch: Just like Bill's music with Lorena always felt like his music with Sookie played backwards in a dark mirror, the Stackhouse music always sounds like Gran, transposed, and here it's twisted again; makes it just that much more awful and weird.


Wake up in the nude, having somehow gotten home and passed out after being faerie-blasted at the conclusion of last night's revelry. Over at Camp Bellefleur, Arlene yells at Andy about how his phone is going to wake up the baby, and continues to scream until she wakes up the baby. God, how I hate her. Anyway, Rosie is calling both of them to the scene of a crime.


Bill: "But don't you remember that time we grossly overpowered Tara's mental blocks to get her out of the Maryann cult?"
Sookie: "That was a special case. I'm not sure I could just walk over to Alcide's guy Doug and unglamour him. And btw, why are you just now approaching me about this?"

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