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Bill and Eric had a big silly fight about Nora's death that led to Eric -- via ABCD's faerie blood -- getting a Ben transfusion of his own. This messed with Sookie's own triumphant plan to become Ben's faerie vampire bride, and left Bill with no magical blood (except for his own magical God + Jesus blood) to save Jessica and the rest of 'em, who are now in the Hot White Room after refusing to drink their TruDeath. Jason is/was the property of awful Violet, who is one of the refusers; Sarah Newlin recently committed murder to keep the Hep V secret safe. In Bon Temps, Nicole was smelled to be pregnant and Arlene balked at some of the Bellefleur family arrangements for Terry's funeral.


Ben: "Well, Eric ate me while I was all tied up like Prince Rilian, and I'm fading fast."
Sookie: "Not if I can help it! Because I love you! From the top of my head to the intersection of our glowing genitalia."

While Sookie bites into her own arm with regular human teeth, because she is in full TCB mode at this time, Bill just moans and pouts about how maybe Ben can rub some dirt on it and still do his big plan. Sookie is unimpressed, and even moreso when Bill gets a little vamp boner from seeing her gnaw on herself.

Sookie: "You're the God of all vampires, go deal with your vampire! And do not drop fang on me right now."
Bill: "But Eric was very mean to me about Mah divinity, Sookie. Ah don't think he will be amenable."
Sookie: "Well, this is a nonstarter, so fuck off back to Earth. Eric's got more of Ben's blood in him than Ben does, so you do the math."
Bill: "Ah fear the rules of all this have never been made clear. Although that being said, it seems just as likely that it'll work as anything else, Ah must confess Ah do not relish the idea of leaving you alone with your betrothed."

He whines until finally Ben rouses enough to be like, "Just faerieblast him already" and then slump back down again, and once Bill gets blown through the air and back to the cemetery, Ben's well enough to sit up. To his credit, Bill lands out in the real-life cemetery in a pretty bad-ass way.

Bill being gone brings the sunshine back to the UFO -- a very nice touch; I even wonder if it's so very dark this time because he's not just any vampire -- so even though it's nighttime in reality, for some reason Warlow is now back to being Good Boy Ben. Sookie holds her bleeding arm out in front of her face without even looking, which is and will remain one of the best parts of the episode: She's so past giving a fuck she can't even concentrate on the empty space where her fucks once were.

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