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But it's not an argument you can ever really have, or should waste your time on, for basically the same reasons as Rule #1 For A Happy Life ("Thou shalt not explain privilege to a person while they're actively demonstrating it") -- some kinds of crazy you can't dig under, because you're only going to hurt their feelings. Him demonstrating the futility of her direct line to God has no effect, because how does that change the "fact" that she still has a direct line to God and he never did.

I mean, it's a self-regulating ecosystem up in there. Calling attention to things outside of it must be done sneakily, if at all, and only if you are honestly trying to help the person. Otherwise, you are just attacking them, even if they're wrong and you're right. You are using a thin excuse to call somebody out, and that's all you're doing, and I hope it feels good but you aren't helping anybody. You are getting yourself off. The rule is, Never have a fight you can't win, because if you go in knowing that then really you're just in the mood to get rude with someone, in a way you feel is socially sanctioned. Also, if you think it's possible to "win" a conversation, I'm sorry to tell you this but you're awful.

Which eventually -- after some nervewracking and strangely beautiful long moments of him, gun to her throat against an SUV, both of them screaming wordlessly in about the most intense possibly configuration of those things -- Jason understands, and sends Sarah off into the night. And I think you can tell a lot about a person by whether or not the next words out of their mouth were, "That was stupid, he should have killed her."

Honestly, most of what you need to know.


From past the Veil, from Noplace, Lilith calls to Bill: His time on Earth is over. But he's not interested. That's the thing about immortals, they really don't respect things like the natural life-death cycle. I'm so sure a person who literally climbed out of the ground two hundred-odd years ago is going gently into that good sunlight.

Meanwhile the vampires are destroying the TruDeath beautifully: Eric launching cases of the stuff through the air with Chronicle-subtle special effects, the rest of them dancing in the broken glass (shoes on, of course) -- and most gorgeously, of course, Tara Thornton firing an AK into a pallet of the stuff.

But over in Honolulu, I'm not sure what's happening. The first deliveries are being made, presumably across the globe, and tonight the starving vampires of the region descend on the TruDeath truck and eat the driver, and I presume they are all now dying? It's mixed in with the celebration footage, but it occurs to me that they were in jail and probably didn't have time to call Vampire Central to warn anybody, because the first chance they had, they were high as fuck. So I guess the whole thing about "how does any of this Louisiana stuff matter when the world is full of vampires" might be answered by this? Maybe our TruDeath refusers (and strangely still-alive Gen Poppers) will end up being the only vampires, like ABCD and Sookie? And my main man Ben?

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