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What Keeps Us Safe

Before he can go to Vampire Heaven -- which ironically is the opposite of Faerie Heaven, taking place in a woodsy area, further drilling down on the idea that they are two halves of the same eternal effing -- Bill summons Jessica who, after accidentally smacking Eric in the face at one point, hilariously, takes James back in the silo, where Daddy's going down the tubes with a quickness.

James: "Maybe I can just give you some of your blood back? Kind of like the eternal butt-sucking of Warlow, but from the nicest nice in the whole nice nice."
Bill: "Ah am sure that will work, for We have kept this shit vague for a reason."


When they shoot the guns, after all, Arlene jumps. But she doesn't cry, and she isn't sickened. It was family, family, family.

When they give her the flag, she accepts it gratefully; they give him such honor that she feels prouder than she even did before. They are practiced, humble, beautiful. He was one of them.

"Didn't love the gunfire, but how come it doesn't feel like the lie I thought it would? Not nearly as empty and meaningless as I feared. I actually think Terry would've been okay with this."

Sookie is proud, and relieved, and happy too, to hear Arlene think this. It wasn't a lie, it was family. Nothing comes from love but love, and nothing dishonest is necessary. We filter out the bad, as long as we can remember we are loved.

Terry taught us a lot. Mostly that it's a lie you have to feel safe before you can worry about other people. He never felt safe, but spent his life making sure everyone did. It broke him, and it bent him, and in the end it killed him -- but mostly it made it more important every time he would ask the questions: How does everybody get out of this alive? How can everyone be happy? What keeps us safe?


It works, James nicely gives him a nice little bit of nice dinner containing the US RDA of both Faerie and Goddess, and he rejoins the drunkards outside as they walk slowly back to Camp Compton, where it appears he may offer to let them feed again? Fuckin' Bill. That's so goddamn Bill. But the funny or sad thing about it is that, between them being drunk and him being, you know, Bill, and they didn't even know his name or that he is God or any of it, it's kind of like a bunch of cheerleaders swarming a geek, or the gay kid, and playing with his hair and letting him sit at the table, but not really thinking of him as a human person. You know what I mean? Like he's so dorky and they are too high to care if he dies, but hey! Welcome to the party, that's cool that you didn't die.

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