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What Keeps Us Safe

First it is Dr. Overlark, who is not a baby but a grown man with grown-man problems such as "being a Nazi."
Secondly, Eric really does "get" the nose. Pulls it right off.
But maybe most importantly, it is not a nose so much as it is: A penis.

Eric: "I will be back in ten minutes to make sure you have bled out. Be thinking about where I could take things from here if you haven't."
Overlark: "I just hope you don't squish my head! I have a phobia of being stomped specifically in the head or face."

Eric roams through the complex, freeing happy hungry vampires as he goes. The soldiers -- who have been keeping the peace using their anti-vampire weaponry that scared Eric into terrible acts, all season long -- suddenly do not use their anti-vampire weaponry, and go down in a frenzy of being defenseless! The exact thing their anti-vampire weaponry --that they are still carrying and in perfect working order -- was designed to prevent! Don't worry about it.

In Gen Pop M, there is a mopey boy whose Maker is in one of the cold-freezer bins, getting on towards the end of his TruDeath True Death. For some reason, there are still plenty of vampires who have not succumbed, despite being forced to drink the TruDeath under penalty of going to the Hot White Room, where they clearly are not. Don't worry about it. Good on them! What a lucky day.

Eric: "Trust me, it gets really gross and then he will explode in your face, like a giant bag of poison blood. If you are quick, you will not get any in your mouth. If you are not quick, you will also explode. My advice is that either way, you are in for one or both of two very unpleasant experiences unless you leave this room right now. You caught me on the one day where I am nice and actually care that you leave, due to some recent experiences."

And the boy sits alone in that room, and who knows what he does? One thing is for sure, and that is whatever relationship they had, whatever they were building: That is gone.


"But if any widow hath children or grandchildren, let them learn first to show piety towards their own family, and to requite their parents, for this is acceptable in the sight of God..."

Rev. Daniels says that, contrary to the old saying of "God, country, family," Terry said once only that he had decided it was "family, family, family." Daniels liked that, because Terry was sincere about it, and about his beliefs. I like it because they're two ways of saying the exact same thing: That the selfishness of madness comes only from being rudderless.

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