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Bill: "Dr. Overlark, Ah see that you are missing a penis. How would you describe..."
Overlark: "It was Eric Northman. He went thattaway. Please kill me."
Bill: "Did you torture or experiment on a redheaded vampire named Jessica Hamby?"
Overlark: "Yep."
Bill: "Did you hurt her?"
Overlark: "Horribly. Tried to rape her, even. No dice though."

Bill stomps his head like a grape with one divine foot, and that's the end of that.


The reason that Andy was a cop and Terry was a soldier because Grandmother Bellefleur believed in giving back to the community. Terry ranged wide and came home, and Andy stayed rooted to the spot. Andy thinks this is "bigger" and I guess maybe in some ways it is, but I also think the cost-benefit analysis would demonstrate that it wasn't worth it anyway. Mostly I think that being called to service is rare and strong and beautiful, whatever form it takes.

When Terry came back, Andy would visit him out in the woods, at Ft. Bellefleur, and try to get him to talk, to come home. I don't know that Andy knows the extent of what happened over there -- I think part of what killed Terry is that nobody did, besides Patrick and then Arlene -- so these memories are all a lot punchier and "PTSD can be funny" than they would be if anybody knew what Terry really did: That it wasn't really about agoraphobia or fear of people or frazzled nerves, but penance.

The best thing about Terry Bellefleur was always that he didn't take the easy way out: That his madness was pure because it was present. You might think that the whole Zen thing he did every season was some kind of funny joke about chaos or mental quirks, but no: He was Zen because he had to be. He was crazy because he was brave. He looked it in the eye. He didn't kill the black-eyed girl, he didn't shove it all away with drugs or glamours or magicks: He held his two hands apart and then brought them together like magnets, repelling, and he was so strong that by the end his madness was gone, leaving only the guilt.

In the rules of the show's universe, it was Arlene that got him killed: She took the easy way out. She killed the black-eyed girl, which as usual reaches through time and space -- in this case backwards -- to engineer your ending. But also in the rules of the show, he had a good death. He had changed shape in all the ways he could have ever needed to; he had come to the end of his incarnations.

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