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And then he looked into Terry's eyes, and saw something there, and he reached out and touched it.

Terry: "I want to be good at this job. Will you help me? I just don't want to fuck this up."
Lala: "Well, we good then, because Mama ain't gonna let that happen. Okay?"


On the way to the White Room, Eric hears and, grinning, recognizes the scream of Ginger. They save all the humans in detention, and she does her usual hip-cracking attempt at pulling herself together, and as much as I have hated Ginger for being a one-joke joke, I am so stuck for reasons to care about Eric at this point that I must admit, his affection for Ginger is a very dark, very funny, very likeable thing. My favorite characters always have a healthy love for trainwrecks and WTF.


[Is boring. You know how passionate I am about Courtney Ford, I would think, by this point. I wish she had shit to do. In the books, Portia is about as unbearable as you can be while still being bearable -- the bitch next-girlfriend of your boy when he leaves you. Here, she's more of a foil for Andy as the sort of bridge between generations and classes that he always ends up having to straddle, but without the bitchiness -- or really any characteristics at all -- that would make it interesting. I wouldn't piss and moan quite so much about it except I know what the actor is capable of, and it's a lot more than fucking standing there looking flawless while the most boringest story of all time comes boredly slumping out of your mouth.]


Rev. Daniels: "Oh my God Portia is so boring. I think we should have Arlene come up and just get this stupid funeral over with."
Arlene in an ESP: "I will probably throw up."
Sookie: "Actually, I have something to say first."
Rev. Daniels: "Cool, come up and talk about yourself endlessly please. If you have any mystifying revelations to make about yourself that nobody would believe or even try to understand, now would be an appropriate time to air those."
Arlene in an ESP: "Did you just read my mind with faerie powers?"
Sookie: "Yeah, sorry."
Arlene: "No, it's cool. I guess magic can be good also. I guess maybe ABCD didn't kill my husband by telling him true shit about himself. Good thing nobody ever seems to notice or care that I am a hypocritical bitch at all times, so there will be no consequences for calling a teenager a murderer like I did, which almost led to her death."

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