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The Stackhouse Filibuster

"That's right, you get the fuck out of my house!", she screams, chasing him toward the door. "Limp dick motherfucker! Go try your fucking grandmother with that limp dick!" Jason screams at the closed door, standing on the porch in his gloves: "Bitch! I can get it up! Bitch!" A sour-faced neighbor sticks her head out, probably just to get a closer look at how hot he is right now. "Yeah, you heard me. Your neighbor's a crazy bitch!" She's horrified and retreats; I really hope Dawn doesn't get snuffed by the serial killer, or else the neighbor's going to talk, and I mean: you don't put a boy like this in GenPop. He gets in his truck, cursing bloodsuckers and punching the ceiling. They keep taking everything away.

It's a triptych: girls finally saying the things they're not supposed to say. First Tara and her Irish courage, then Dawn and her gun, and now? Spooky music floats us across the field, into the Compton house; the door floats open. Bill's reading a book in the parlor, lit by a million lanterns. It's not a scary place anymore. He zooms to a standing position, repeating her constant complaint: "Suckie, don't ever sneak up on a vampire. What are you doing here?" Sookie stands in her nightgown, never so tiny, and gives her riff on Tara's speech a moment ago. All the things she can't say, there's Tara to say them; in the nighttime world she can drop the filibuster and make her motion.

"All right, here's the deal, and this is a little embarrassing? I've never been with a man intimately, for all the reasons I told you about, but I feel things when I'm with you that make me think, and I know this could be a huge mistake, one I will regret forever, but it feels like you're the one that I'm supposed to, you know, do it with, and I'm really nervous about that, and frankly I'm scared to death of you, so can we just get it out of the way already so I can relax and get a good night's sleep?"

That is about the best speech I've ever heard. What if for just one day you could say what you're really thinking? What you really want? What if somebody gave you permission to be honest, even just for a second? For once, it's actually romantic. He smiles warmly, and leans in to kiss her, and she gives the other half of that speech, which is and always will be five words long: "Just don't bite me, okay?" And then she's spent, all talked out, everything on the table, guts and all. He kisses her, and they get hungrier -- it's a cross between both kinds of sex, the Tara and the Jason kind, the daytime and the nighttime kind. They help each other out of their clothes; she gasps as he takes her from behind.

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