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The Stackhouse Filibuster

"Get the fuck out of here. What in the hell's worth that kind of money?" Guess. Put one toe over the line, might as well just strip down and jump in. Jason's stepping out of the daylight, into the strange places. Where there aren't any rules, and the thing about having no rules or loyalty to social roles is that you're without a major tool most people have for constructing identity. (In Jason's case, literally; his identity comes down to just one tool.) But he's dealing with the Shadow. The only way out is through. Without Lafayette as his guide -- and I mean that in the capital-G, Joseph Campbell way, considering he's been marked as such from his first appearance more strongly than any other archetypal character on this show -- we know how this story ends: with Jason dead. Testing the limits again and again until he fucks up, out of stupidity or self-hatred. I'm not saying this won't go to hell faster than anything you ever saw, but: it's not a drug, it's an inoculation. A little bit of darkness at a time, until you're not allergic anymore. Until you can look at the darkness in yourself. The only way out is through.

"When'd you start dealing v?" When there was a market for it, and don't tell anybody. Lafayette pulls his hair: "Do you understand me? The vamps don't take kindly to the juice dispenser." Jason agrees easily, and asks about the source. "Let's just say I have an arrangement with a certain life-challenged individual who appreciates my multi-faceted talents." Jason's nervous, for the first time in this house. "Goddamn. Is there anybody who isn't fucking vampires these days?" (Is there nobody who wants to fuck me that isn't fucking vampires these days?") "Tell me something, lover. Do you wanna get it up and keep it up and have the best sex you have ever had? For both you and your lady friend?" Jason is adorable: "Yes yes yes yes yesyesyes." He tells Jason one or two drops, no more. (And don't feed it after midnight.) "Any more and things might get a little intense. I don't mean in a good way." Their eyes lock and Jason smiles dumbly, punching him lightly on the shoulder. "Thanks, man. Appreciate it."

Lafayette jerks him back down onto the couch: "Ain't nothin' free in my world." Jason starts to filibuster, batting his eyes and asking if he can come back later. "Motherfucker, who you think I am?" He locks the door and looks down at Jason from a thousand feet up. "I don't run a layaway program. And I ain't interested in instituting one." As though Jason will ever understand paying his debts, until it's too late. "Isn't there some way you can let me pay you this afternoon?" Lafayette thinks. And man, if you were Sookie you'd be real uncomfortable for a second.

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