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"Because I'm comfortable with him being right where he is, which is unattainable. Which is part of my whole fucked-up thing. Low self-esteem, childhood trauma, blah-blah, snore. What's your excuse?" Sam shrinks from it and says not everybody likes to lay their guts on the table like that. "Yeah, they might not like it, but they all dream about finding somebody they can do it with." They both drink, because true stuff is louder than other stuff.

One of the best things about this episode is how deftly it furthers the theme of Tara and Sookie mirroring each other all the time: almost every scene has its double in the other's day. Like here, Tara's pushing for intimacy for the first time we've seen, while Sookie's backing off Bill as quickly as her fine ass can move -- but they both want the exact same thing, and are denied that thing by the same fears and afflictions. Hearing other people unfiltered, unavoidable intimacy, is what drives Sookie crazy; hearing herself unfiltered, unavoidable introspection, is what makes Tara crazy.

I think when all is said and done, I will love Tara most for her rage, because it comes straight out of her intelligence and the fact that the opportunities and circumstances she finds herself in are nothing like what she deserves. She should be a CEO or a famous standup, not a waitress. And every assumption you can make about her, pushing in at her all the time... Just because we can't hear them doesn't mean the impressions and pressures of everybody else aren't constantly pushing at us, trying to make us into objects and change us and tear us down. Do you think there's really a difference between Sookie hearing some guy think about her tits and Tara seeing somebody obviously staring at hers? Being Sookie is exactly like being a woman.

"Funny thing is, I kind of did let Sookie know, for the first time night before last. Not even a minute before that vampire walked in my front door." Huh. So was he playing her? Was that half-intentional, with extra you-smell-so-good stuff on top? I like that. I like the idea of him using her power to say things he can't say, considering how many times in this episode people find unorthodox ways of expressing the stuff they can't say. And the fact that he knows damn well how much Sookie must love the silence, which entire conversation we've apparently forgotten this week.

Tara says, "If I were you, I would get in there right now while you still got a shot," and he reminds her that, according to herself five seconds ago, she certainly would not. She drinks to that, because he's right, and he looks at her while he thinks, quietly being totally hot, before telling her the part about the silence. Tara's surprised to know Sookie can't read Bill, but not surprised about the implications: "That explains everything!" Sam tries to explain about how he told her not to worry about hearing his thoughts, and Tara's like, "No way, Mr. Intimacy." She explains that this is the opposite of what Sookie wants: "She wants to not hear them. That requires constant work on her part." She reminds him of what he said like two days ago, which is that this makes Bill awesome. "Aw man, you don't stand a chance, I'm really sorry but you don't," she laughs, and he tells her to go home again; she tells him again that she can't, and wanders out into the bar.

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