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The Five And A Half Minute Hallway

Sookie walks down the hall of the Hotel Carmilla, with the song of Godric and Eric -- so much like her own cello song with Bill -- echoing, wearing her gingham dress. Eric's in his room, sitting on the floor, bent over and hot as hell, crying blood tears. When she says his name, he looks up, but not at her. "Godric is gone," he says. She knows. She was there. And through her, so was he. "I'm so sorry," she says, reaching out to touch his chin, and he finally meets her eyes. She kisses first one cheek and then the other, but as she leans away he reaches out and grabs her hand, hungry and lonely, in need of comfort. He weeps as he's kissing her. When he pops fangs she reaches out and touches them, gasping. She offers her neck, and he bites...

Which wakes her up, eyes wide, in the Anubis shuttle next to her brother, riding back to Bon Temps in the sunlight. Jason recognizes the look on her face, he's had that look before. He asks what she was dreaming about, but he means who. She stares around and offers, lamely, "Bill?" Before touching his casket in the trunk very lightly. Jason settles down into his seat, remembering his first ride back from All-State: The way the town looked different somehow. Sookie agrees, but notes that she's never left before. "Seems like something's different to me, though."

The world has gotten bigger. Gran is gone, Jason is back. She saw a vampire taken into God's hands, she sat in their nests and ate their food, she saw a beautiful church become a place for torture and violation. Tara will be waiting in the house for her, and her life can start over once again.

But you don't go home. You go to a new place every time. While she was away, the world became wild. The old safe places became not so safe; the old hiding places were touched with madness. The uncanny began to invade; the uncanny was invited in. She reached out and touched his fangs, and offered him her throat.

The Welcome To Bon Temps sign at the city limits has been defaced: Now it reads Bone Temps, a penis scrawled across the arm of the W. Welcome in, it says on the left, and FUCK OFF, it says on the right: You don't go home, and welcome home.

Everything is empty, or nearly empty. The town is dead, or nearly so. A man slams himself, his head, against the girder of an awning, just to feel it. The street is littered with flowers, across which a squat strange woman chases a protesting man; a couple throws themselves in the path of the shuttle, faster than the driver can swerve, and the windshield crumples under them. Jason and Sookie exit, staring, and they laugh. Their eyes are black; Jason asks them why and they only laugh harder, running toward the church. "We gotta find Sam! It's almost time, man!"

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