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The Five And A Half Minute Hallway

Her house is haunted, now, by life. And this is the song that it sings:

Hello walls... Don't you miss her since she up and walked away?
...Aren't you lonely since our darling disappeared?
...She went away and left us all alone...
We'll have to learn to get along without her if we can
...We must all stick together or else I'll lose my mind
I've got a feeling she'll be gone a long, long time...

Inside, Sookie grabs at Bill's hands because things are getting Unheimliche up in here: The picture of them as girls, with fucked-up leprechaun Gran, lies broken on the stairs. On that Mycene statue, the Goddess with her arms upstretched, running down her skin: the yolk and white of an egg, broken on it like a ship against the cliffs.

Lafayette calls, terrified, asking when Sookie's getting back in town; his voice ratchets up when he learns where she is: "I'm here," she says, "In what used to be my living room." You never go home. He screams into the phone: "I ain't half as worried about her as I am about you up in that fucking house. Get out. Run!" Bill stares at Maryann's Minotaur mask, lingering, thinking, as Sookie grabs him, pulling him toward the door.

"What are you doing in my house?" Maryann says, covered lusciously in blood and dirt, streaked with rain, surrounded by the forest. Sookie begs to differ on the matter of ownership, but Maryann is wiser: "It is now." Bill strongly suggests she remove herself from the premises, and Maryann laughs appreciatively, collecting him with her eyes the way she once did Andy Bellefleur, outside the police station: "My, you found yourself quite the specimen! Though I daresay there's nothing stopping him from one day leaving you cold."

Sookie swears she's not scared, as though that were a threat and not a promise, and Maryann holds her against the wall, by the throat. They share memories, of the chase and the Minotaur, its claws. Bill tosses Maryann onto the couch, telling Sookie to run, and he pops fang, holding her by the throat in turn. "Yes, ravage me!" she shouts, undulating beneath him, turned on for a moment beyond the limits that we've seen. First the food, and then the sex, and then the violence: what would it take to surprise Maryann, or to delight her? The unknown, and death. She offers her throat, and then goes further, holding his head against her neck, knowing he'll soon struggle: "Ravage me!"

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True Blood




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