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No, because that is not what Tara wants to talk about right now. Tara wants to talk about how she was glamoured and made to do things against her will, bad things, and that just now she is coming from having a hot and horny dream about the person who tortured her and fed her his blood. But she can't say that, because it would involve fessing up. (And on a level underneath that, you still have my niggling problem with what Bill and Sookie did to Tara's brain last season, which may also be contributing to her Bill issues but should just as easily but moreso should involve talking shit to Sookie.)

So you have this whole thing about Tara and Franklin being the dark mirror to Sookie and Bill from the beginning of the season, and now that it's transmuted Tara's trying to explain it to Sookie herself: I am your twisted mirror, there is nothing you can say to defend against what I personally and empirically know to be true. And every excuse you make for him is an excuse you make for my abductor and torturer; and every accusation I hurl your way is pointed right at me:

"You know what you sound like? One of those sad country songs about dumb bitches, who let their men cheat and beat on them all for the sake of true love. Let me tell you something. At the end of those songs, the dumb bitches always end up dead."

Or jerking off in their sleep to the face of the man that tried to kill them. One or the other, no one's getting out. Sookie notes that her best friend just called her a dumb bitch, and even though the idea of Sookie going back to Bill hasn't come up -- in fact, Sookie has stated in no uncertain terms that this isn't happening -- Tara yells at her about going back to "that vampire" anyway.

Sookie reminds her of the power differential, saying that she has magic brain powers that are just as dangerous, "every bit as deadly" as Bill's fangs, and that just like him she is sometimes afraid of her own body and what it might do next. "I've killed. I may not have cheated, but I wanted to. Me and Bill, we ain't so different." Tara says that she's wrong, noting once again the look she saw in Bill's eyes the time they ate that stripper: "Same as Franklin's, cold and crazy. Like a rattlesnake."

(But she already explained the thing she needed to learn today, tonight: She wants his danger and she is learning her own darkness, just like he doesn't want forgiveness but can't seem to get away from her. They're fucking in the wreckage; they have their hands around each other's necks and they can't let go. No one's getting out.

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