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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Sam's got the trashbag full of money in his hands and I think he's going to just take off, speeding out the back of the bar after running into Maryann, but then he hears Tara and Sookie screaming about the body in Andy's car, so he tosses the money in his truck and comes running around to the front.

Andy's still drunk and moving kind of slow, and Tara starts screaming at him for cutting people up and putting them in his car, and Sam's like, "Seriously, WTF happened here" and Andy tells everybody to chill so he can check on the body, and Sam -- who's been too busy freaking out to know that Andy is the entire Martha Stewart Collection's worth of sheets to the wind, thanks to sympathetic Tara buying him drinks -- tells the screaming ladies to let Andy handle it, and there's a sort of collective patting between the two women and Sam that goes on for awhile. "Sam, call the cops!" shouts Tara, and Andy yells that he is the cops, and Tara begs God to make sure it's not Lafayette in the car, but it totally is.

Except it's not. Sookie grabs Sam's hand and Andy says that there's no pulse, because there's no heart, because it was ripped out of the victim, who screamed in terror as it was pulled out, and the fear is still painted across her face: Miss Jeanette. Tara starts screaming again.

Panic is a word with a lovely definition: "a sudden fear in lonely places." Shepherds caught under a full moon would hear a sound, or get a feeling, under that vast expansive sky, and their loneliness would become so exquisite, their smallness so apparent, that they would feel a sudden fear, and know the God was passing close to them. The other side of ecstasy (ex + stasis, "to be or stand outside oneself, a removal to elsewhere"), then, is panic. Not that far off from each other; both direct connection to the divine. Both responses to repression; both forms of abandon.

Later Sookie's in the usual murder-victim hoodie they put on you when you're at a murder site, and Kenya's there worrying about everybody, and Sookie can't fight off the echoes of Tara worrying about how she knew Miss Jeanette, that she went to see Miss Jeanette in the woods, that Miss Jeanette saved her. And later, when Miss Jeanette was revealed to be Nancy Levoir, disappointment and drugstore employee, and Tara shoved her and screamed at her. Kenya asks if she's ever seen the woman before, good instincts, and Tara swears she hasn't while Sookie stares.

"Careful here, son. Her leg will break off like a chicken wing if you hold her like that," says Mike the Coroner, with his usual charming creepiness. I like having him in the background of every death, putting it into perspective. How we all become meat when the lights go out of us. Andy whines that he just got his car detailed; Sookie's lips quiver with everybody else's thoughts. Bud arrives, and Andy drunkenly gives him just the facts: "Body's in full rigor mortis, Bud, which is consistent with the vic being killed elsewhere then brought here into the scene sometime in the past four hours, since that's when I... Drove over here." Andy's sister Portia honks from the parking lot, and Bud tells him to call it a night. When Andy whines, Bud reminds him that he's "overworked," not to mention drunk, and stomping Andy can only disagree with half of that statement.

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