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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Karl reappears: "It's a beauty, isn't it? Mycenaean, I'm told." You'd know. He says Maryann's still asleep, and Sam goes away again: "Just tell her I have something for her."

What's funny about myths is that they start someplace, and end up bringing the whole thing back with them: You don't want your kids to go out in the woods at night, for example, because they'll come home dead or eaten or injured. So you tell them a story about the woods at night, that basically is meant to make them afraid of the woods at night. But on the inside of your head, where you actually live, the woods at night already mean something else scary: your woods, your night. Gods thrive on belief, but that's not where they come from. So the story takes on a power of its own -- something Out There gets all the blame, all the credit -- and before you know it you're avoiding the woods at night not because of injury or attack, but so you don't piss off the woods.

Anyway, the Stove pointed out that basically Sookie's entire life, when she's not getting off and getting high on her boyfriend's bodily fluids, or finding dead bodies or naked dog-people or the rest of things she's always finding at bad times, is this here now: sitting at the kitchen table in a morose sideways evening light, listening to oldies and feeling sad. Finally she pulls it together and goes into Gran's room for the first time in almost a month. Suddenly it is quiet. She walks carefully. There's a glass of water on the nightstand, the bed is unmade; she can hear Adele's spirituals, beautiful songs about salvation. She picks up her Gran's knitting from the comfy chair, and she smells it.

And within the hour, she's gathering the jewelry and pieces of her grandmother's life together, deciding what to KEEP and what goes to GOODWILL, and she's randomly cut her finger and is sucking on the blood when the doorbell rings. Long story short, it's Sid Matt Lancaster, the lawyer, who has arrived to inform her that Great-Uncle Bartlett has passed on. Bartlett, who found a girl already unable to speak, and took away her voice. Bartlett, who chased Hadley into the arms of death, and madness, and royalty. Sookie's unable to deal with any of this, and as usual can't produce anything like an appropriate affect, so he just assumes she's grieving: Bartlett was, to Sid Matt Lancaster, a kind, giving man. Sid Matt Lancaster was proud to call him friend. But is this because Sid Matt Lancaster is an idiot, or a conspirator? Or is it possibly because people are larger than even their greatest sins?

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