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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Sid Matt Lancaster explains that Bartlett's body was found a few miles south of his town, having fallen into Walnut Creek by accident. The rest is just a monologue: Bill's Theme starts to play across the scene as Sookie realizes what he's done. "There's no sign of burglary or forced entry at the house, and he was such a sweet old man that there'd be no reason to hurt him, anyway," Sid Matt Lancaster says. There were not any marks or anything, once the gators were done with him, and he'd been in there for a few weeks.

She doesn't feel sorry for him. There's no sorrow to be had for him. But this is another choice, taken away, and a choice having to do specifically with choices, taken away. This is validation and it is hateful and it's scary. Her boyfriend is a loaded gun, a killer by nature; he looked her right in the eye and said that he had no more secrets from her. And that was a lie, and that was one more choice taken away. It makes things easier, but she didn't necessarily need things to be easier. She needed things to be real.

There's no sorrow to be had, not for Bartlett, but he can still reach out and hurt her, even in death. "Your Great-Uncle Bartlett cared for you deeply," Sid Matt Lancaster says. "He stated in his will that he wished for you to inherit all his financial assets... It's a token of how special you were to him," Sid Matt Lancaster says, and her stomach flips over. Eleven thousand dollars, as a token of how special she once was. The blood from her cut finger mars the envelope, but she keeps her food down.

Some kind of "Girl From Ipanema" crap plays across Maryann's pool; she joins Tara and Eggs briefly on the edge, handing them a joint and staring across at a huge painting, like a temple fresco: Pan, and his human lover. Tara asks if she has a name, but Maryann just smiles, and this is key: "She could be any of us, couldn't she? The Greeks knew there is the flimsiest veil between us and the divine. They didn't see the Gods as being inaccessible, the way everyone does today." His human lovers had magical powers: they reveled in their panic, in their sudden passions; they could draw down the moon. Tara laughs: her mother is a stranger to the distance between us and God: "She thinks she's got a direct line to Jesus."

Eggs laughs, but Maryann only smiles. "You have an uncanny talent for connecting everything back to your mother." Tara knows Lettie Mae deserved it, deserved to have her heart ripped out and more, but... Maryann's not interested in talking about it, and hands Tara more of that sage advice she never quite understands: "If you took care of yourself for once instead of protecting her? She'd still be your mother, you'd just be happier." She's right. Tara looks down, and Maryann runs off for more papaya.

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