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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Jessica nearly spits out the A- and Bill holds up one petulant finger so she won't. "Less like ass than the A+, but more like ass than the B-." He rolls his eyes, beyond frustrated trying to find the right TruBlood for her, so she can stay alive. Bill Compton is the funniest fucking person on the planet, probably. I never noticed because he's so obnoxious and sentimental and sexist, but this season, those things just add to the hilarity of him. What a marvelous character! I finally get it. "Two thirds of new vampires never survive the first year!" he worries, and she points out she can hardly help having not yet acquired the taste for a substance not a single vampire relishes. "You know, Eric let me feed on a guy with tattoos, and nipple piercings." Bill informs her that he is not Eric. WE KNOW! "You are so not Eric," she moans, shoving the A- across the table, into the incorrect recycling container.

Sookie goes to see Sam, who's sitting on his trailer steps looking lost and on a beer that is not his first. He doesn't want to talk about his day, how he revisited the site of his greatest terror, not to say religious trauma, but on top of Miss Jeanette's body in his parking lot it's a lot to deal with. She starts to ask about leaving early to visit Bill, and when he interrupts her, she tries to explain, and he cuts her off again. She stands, suddenly a bit smaller, and considers him. "I guess I've owed you an apology for a while now. I never meant to hurt you, Sam."

The timeline here is that she basically dated him for a couple of days last month, championed him over Bill, managed to get both him and Bill mauled by Rene and the sun respectively before saving her own ass, and then backed right off again -- just after it was too late, and he'd lost Tara. So after three weeks of that, he learned about Maryann, and now has easily 99 problems, of which Sookie is not currently one, as he hastens to make clear.

"Don't it seem like you're always either apologizing or yelling at me? Don't you get sick of it?" She shocked, but he goes on. "Because I sure do. I can't be whatever you want, whenever you want anymore. I'm tired of charring my ass on your back burner." Wow. A speech Lafayette would have been proud to hear! He hustles back into the bar angrily, telling her she'll need to make up the hours.

Andy's screaming at old people about Miss Jeanette, accusing an old man on an O2 tank of lying to him about where his prescriptions come from, and he stumbles into Bud, who takes him off the case after a little bit more of that Andy Bellefleur attitude. Andy is totally the Colonel Tigh of this show. He is so awful and impotent that he just becomes amazing. "Bud. I'm a good cop. I can close the case, let me show people that, please." Bud asks him to do something else, but here's the thing about Andy -- and the reason Tara couldn't help but indulge him, last night: "I don't do anything else. This is it." Bud's sorry, but damn. Andy pouts, and stomps away with yet more beer.

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