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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Sookie arrives just as Bill's gotten Jessica to agree that two parts O- to one part B+ is "not so gross," and is of course adorably over the moon about it. He's just as overjoyed to see her (Is it love? Or panic?) but she approaches Jessica first, speaking honestly and respectfully and more than a little affectionately, and Jessica's posture converts from back for more, bitch? to please be my best friend before she's even done. "Jess, I feel like we got off to a bad start. And it's totally my fault. I never got a chance to hear your side of things, find out what you're like, none of that. Can you forgive me?"

Jessica's a bit wary: "You really want to get to know me?" Sookie smiles sweetly. "Of course I do. You deserve that. And, frankly, I'm curious about you!" Charming as hell, able to be human in a way she can't be when she's around humans; not even Tara gets this side of her. Jessica doesn't want to be friendly, but she's clearly taken. "I've just got one huge favor to ask. Give me tonight with my boyfriend, and we'll have all night tomorrow to ourselves. Just us girls." Bill's impressed, because of course he would have no idea that teenage girls ARE PEOPLE and would like to be approached LIKE PEOPLE, and would thus find this whole deal to be like this eldritch mystery.

(Stephen Moyer, I read his interviews a lot because I really like him and I really like knowing what he's doing with the character, because until now I didn't get the character at all, because he just seems awful to me -- dorky when he's not being controlling, scary when he's not being petulant -- but he said the most awesome thing, which is that if you said the word "daughter" to Bill Compton, he'd think of a "beautiful little well-mannered Victorian beauty." And instead: Jessica, "this hideous, sex-and-blood hungry seventeen-year-old." That's so beautiful. I love imagining Bill Compton dressing up his American Girl Civil War Dolly and brushing her hair with the brush he bought separately, right, and then in comes Jessica dressed like Courtney Love and throwing used tampons around the place like Molotov cocktails. The fact that Jessica is about fifty times more interesting than Kit Kittredge and Nancy Spungeon, combined, is something only this show could do.)

For example, I didn't know I loved Jessica as much as the idea of Jessica until I saw her fall in love with Sookie just now, and realize how sad and lonely and desperate to connect she really is. I can see her really getting to appreciate the dorkiness of both her new parents, even if she never ends up like them. So Jessica smiles sweetly and then without even stopping, hops off to bed. "Good night," Sookie calls -- tenderly, but firmly -- and Bill's jaw drops down to the rotting floorboards of his old house. He loves her so bad! "It's almost like you glamored her..." he starts, but that's not what this is about.

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