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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Sookie asks Bill about Bartlett, and his smile falls. He doesn't look at her, but it's only because she wouldn't want him to. Not in this precise moment. "He. Hurt you," Bill says. It's enough.

"Oh my God," though. "Is it that easy for you to kill? Does human life mean so little you can just kill on command? Toss someone in the water?" Is the Reverend right? Is Nan Flanagan selling a line too? "I cannot have people dying every time I confide in you!" She talks about her three-week-old angst about cutting off Rene's head with a shovel, hilariously, and talks about how this act "haunts" her, and now she feels like she's responsible for Bartlett's death. Which only means something because it was the fulfillment of a wish you're not allowed to wish. That whole conversation in the bathtub was rubbing a lamp. Now you see what a genie can do, you want it back in the bottle. "I always thought, as different as we are, somehow we could still be together, and... And now I don't know. I don't know anything."

Bill is so sad, staring at her, his one shot at redemption, a thing that makes the previous centuries worthwhile and not just some cartoon in some graveyard moaning and bitching. But is it love, or is it panic? She begs him to speak. There are tears on his face; he's too afraid to move, much less speak. Finally she pushes past him, toward the door again, and he meets her there, superquick.

"Sookie," he says -- And this is good. If you're in the mood for dorky romance, it's good. If you're in the mood to laugh until you cry, it is excellent. These two are really good for a lot of different moods when they get like this -- "I cannot, and I will not, lose you. For all the ways I have dismayed, aggrieved, or failed you, I swear I will atone. But I am not sorry. I refuse to apologize for what you have awakened in me. You... You are my miracle, Sookie." Whatever the holy hell that means. He takes her hand. He's still like a billion times less creepy than Edward Cullen. "For the first time in 140 years, I felt something I thought had been lost to me forever. I love you." Tears roll past her smile. "And for that, I shall never feel sorry."

And then, of course, Sookie has no options, because that was precisely what she needed to hear, because that's exactly how she feels. And that's the upside to being unable to read your lover's mind: when they surprise you. "Oh, damn you, Bill Compton. I love you." She kisses him, and it is totally intense and their sweet song plays, and then they fuck like eleven different ways and crawl around and hunt each other on the quilt and whatnot, and it's pretty much softcore, which is okay in a first episode of the season, and then later he's coming in from behind and she classily moves her hair out of the way so he can bite her, and blood gets all over the nice comforter, and then he continues to fuck her while kissing her, and her blood sorts of spills out of his mouth all over her face and... I lost track of what's going on a while back but I'm pretty sure I wasn't meant to see any of that. They have been fucking -- and maybe that's your thing, maybe subjectively you thought this was like a five-second scene -- since the Louisiana Purchase by this time, according to actual science.

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