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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Meanwhile, Royce has this whole plan to get out of there, and Lafayette keeps shushing him, and then a seven-foot wiry figure that can only be Eric comes swooshing down the stairs into the dungeon wearing the following: track pants with the Swedish flag, highlighting foils in his hair, and flip flops. And yet, he is Eric, which means he's both totally terrifying and wildly sexy even in this getup. "Shushing won't do you any good, sweetheart," he says to Lafayette, without looking at him. "We hear everything. And since you made me come all the way down here, I'm gonna take out some of the garbage."

Eric kneels down to look at beautiful Royce Allen Williams, and asks him to talk about the burning house of love. Royce tells him he doesn't know anything, as Lafayette cowers behind a pillar, and Eric's voice gets more intimate, more personal than ever: "Crimes against vampires are on the rise. We even lost a sheriff just days ago. We seek answers." It's more engaged than we've ever seen. He picks up Royce to drag him upstairs, but Royce pulls out a silver crucifix and slams it against Eric's face. And that's the last stupid thing Royce ever did, obviously.

Horrible inhuman shit happens, growling and roaring, blood everywhere, Royce's head bashing against the ceiling, Eric's gun show holding him sideways so he can eat Royce's kidneys out of his screaming body before TEARING OFF A LEG AND BEATING HIM WITH IT. And the whole time this horrible howl-growl, like if a minotaur were blowing a shofar on the worst day of his life, and the blood as this happens sprays across Lafayette's face. And after the fucking just now, I would have thought this would have been a piece of cake, but no. Because Eric doesn't want anything anymore, doesn't care if Royce has contacts or can lead him to the Sherriff's kidnapper. He just wants to destroy him, and I don't blame him, for marring that face for even a second. You don't do that shit to Eric. Lafayette knows that. So he sits behind his pillar and stares, with Royce's blood splashing across his face, wondering what Eric will do next, and if there's anything he can do to survive it, because what this moment is teaching him is that maybe there isn't a way. Not even Lafayette can work it every single time: No promises, no demands. Just panic.

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