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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Andy brings up the fact that Tara poured him drink after drink, as though she didn't want him to discover what was going on. Which is a stretch, but also sad, because she was giving him drinks because she loved him, for a moment, and felt sorry to see somebody so obstructed on the path of who he wanted to be, like she used to be, before Maryann. Bud's finally had enough, and drags Andy from the room, still screeching. Kenya crosses her arms, staring down at Tara with a luxurious mmm-hmmm, while Bud tries to send Andy home. But because it can always get worse, Lettie Mae shows up already halfway up the tree, screaming and crying and shaking like a sick dog and being dramatic as usual.

Back in the room, Tara's sort of horrified that they brought Lettie Mae in, but Kenya reminds her gently, "It's a murder investigation?" Heh. Lettie Mae sits down, shaking, and proceeds to make it all about her ("She saved my life!"), but Tara snaps into action when he mother appears, just like always. "Mama. There was no Miss Jeanette. She was just some woman who worked in a pharmacy. All that stuff on the bus, it wasn't real." Lettie Mae calls her a liar, says it's because she's still angry, and Tara says that yes, she is still angry, but her own exorcism was admittedly carnival tricks: "She gave me ipecac and peyote and made me think I was killing my demon."

Kenya watches, sad, while Lettie Mae protests. "No! No! It is a sin to speak ill of the dead like that! She was a good woman," Lettie Mae protests. She's right. "No, Mama, it was a scam." Tara's right too. But Lettie Mae's more right, even though she's wrong about how and why, and how much, shouting up at poor Kenya: "She cured me! I'm all right now, ain't I? Ain't I still right?" Not really, not when you say it like that. Kenya's eyes bug out with how crazy Lettie Mae looks right now, but I don't know. I thought Tara was being stupid when she decided that the existence of Nancy ruled out the existence of Miss Jeanette, and even though Lettie Mae's not really selling it at the moment, being generally a nutcase, but: healed is healed. It's not work anybody else can ever do for you.

Peyote, ipecac, crone stone and possum: those demons are yours, they belong to you, you can do with them whatever you wish, as long as you're strong enough to look them in the eye. That's all Miss Jeanette ever tried to teach them, and it's not all that different from what Maryann's always saying. So what makes Miss Jeanette a fraud that doesn't also make Maryann Forrester a fraud? (Or Amy Burley, for that matter? Or Lafayette?) That's all Lettie Mae's really saying, and I agree. I don't think either of them are frauds, any more than Tara is fraudulently being Tara, or Lettie Mae is faking being a loon; I just don't see how it matters. If I show you a door and you walk through it, right, and you're standing in a green field. And then I laugh at you because it wasn't really a door at all, it was just a door I painted on the wall with Acme paints, that's my problem. You're standing in a field.

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