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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Or the way that Tara's demon is still -- and watch Maryann still riding it, like a hag through the night -- about being essentially unable to reconcile Lettie Mae's darkness with the love she has for her mother. About needing to come down on one side or the other, and which story to tell: either she was an abused child, and deserves to be coddled and written a pass for her own horrible behavior, or she's a grownup with a bad past like the rest of us, who's in charge of her own behavior. Either way, as long as she casts this in the context of her abusive mother, she's missing the point: Lettie Mae opened the door, but now Tara's in a field, all alone, just telling stories instead of writing her own.

But hang on, if that's not Lafayette in the car like we assumed, if once again the Gods have come down and traded Miss Jeanette for Lafayette, then: where is Lafayette? There's a dungeon underneath Fangtasia! that has a wheel in the ceiling, and filthy water drips down, and there are four people huddled, chained to the wheel in the ceiling, coughing and hellish, and when they need to piss or shit all four of them must labor together to turn the wheel, chained down under Fangtasia!, in order to get the one of them in need to where they need to be. To separate the shit and piss from the rest of the horror, and stay as human as they can.

(Took a saint down to hell and all the people were starving, with fingernails grown out a yard or longer. Surrounded by fruits and meats and savory pies, and nobody could eat anything because their dang fingernails kept getting in the way. But it was so beautiful, and the smells so delicious: what must heaven be like, then? And the guy tells the saint, Same basic deal, only they've learned to feed each other. It's like that, only instead of fingernails and a buffet, it's shitting in a bucket.)

The old man is desperate, begging for the bucket, and they pull together. There's a broken woman, there's Lafayette, and a man with the word SLUT written or scratched across his back, probably because he's a giant slut. The wheel groans and they are weak, but they get him there, just as he's cramping up. They all begin to weep, with pain and exhaustion and nausea, as he takes his dump. A vamp brings down a guy with a hood, kicking him roughly and chaining him to the wheel before grabbing the slut and taking him back upstairs.

The guy they've brought down and chained up is Royce, the sexy survivor of the trio of white trash idiots that burned down Malcolm's nest. Three of them, three of us. Royce is the last. So we know why he's here, even though he's screaming that he doesn't and he probably doesn't. And I guess we know why Lafayette is there, even though he's not even sure himself: Eddie, vanished Eddie, whom Lafayette loved and drained before Amy and Jason kidnapped and killed him. Royce continues to shout and shake his chains, and Lafayette's last nerve is screaming: "Will you shut your mouth, you fucking inbreed?" Royce asks where the slut is going, and Lafayette doesn't know that either. "Sometimes there are screams." He doesn't know how long he's been there; it's been three weeks since they got him, out back behind Merlotte's, but he lost count a while back.

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