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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Lettie Mae pulls her hand back, jerks away like she's been burned. Like her heart is being carved out. It's validating, I guess, in a way. Except it's only validating if you, in turn, are interested in letting Lettie Mae take all the blame, or all the credit. Tara doesn't seem interested, because she's learned the first lesson Maryann teaches you: it's all on you, good and evil, both at once. And if you can't love and deal with your darkness, if you can't bear to look it, if the thought makes you so angry you can't think straight, then it's not love, and you are under the control of something dark. And you are lost.

"What I can't believe is that your daughter still manages to feel any love for you at all. Since you've abused, neglected, betrayed and forsaken her love since the moment she could feel. That's extraordinary." She grabs Tara and bounces, leaving behind what's left of Lettie Mae: "She's a hell of a girl. Come on, let's get you home."

So Bill killed this girl? Sookie's standing akimbo staring down at them both, in the drawing room, aghast. He is contrite; Jessica is livid, and avid, as usual. "Not entirely, no." Sookie says obviously he did something, and asks Jessica how old she is. Seventeen. "Oh my God, where are your parents?" Sookie shrieks adorably, and Jessica snorts. "Is she always like this?" Oh, yes. Even Bill almost nods. "So what then, you... Bit her?" Yes. "You drained her?" Even more contritely, yes. "Did you have sex with her?" He screams in the negative, and Jessica shouts, "Ew, old!?"

Bill looks at her briefly, continually horrified by her, and tries to explain: Jessica was brought a condition of his punishment, to replace Longshadow. Jessica hasn't heard this part, yet, and her eyes scan Sookie's face wonderingly: "So this is all your fault." Sookie and Bill feel weird both separately and together, and Bill finally sends Jessica off to bed, kindly as he can. "My sleeping quarters are beneath the stairs. And you may stay there until we make other arrangements." She protests, and he orders her; she must obey, and slumps away. "Compared to Fangtasia!, this blows!" Truer words, darlin'.

Sookie's not sure what to think. Bill explains they have to take care of Jessica for now: "At her age, with her impulses, she could be quite dangerous." Which of course causes Sookie to wonder exactly where she's been tonight: Eric and Pam dropped her off a few hours ago. "So there's no way she could have anything to do with the woman at Merlotte's with her heart missing?" At first he shouts in the negative, feelings hurt, but then shrugs a reluctant "...Probably not." Sookie shivers and then... makes it all about her, as usual. "Two weeks and you never said anything. I've laid in bed for hours, talking about my life, your life, the weather, rules of football, and not once did you mention that you slept with and killed..." -- Bill jumps up and shouts at this -- "...A seventeen-year-old girl."

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