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A Sudden Fear In Lonely Places

Except he did kill her, and technically he did sleep with her, wrapped around her in the grave, like a mother and a father at once. He sits down again, calming down, explaining that his great tragedy is being a vampire and he would never willingly turn anybody else, in case they were unlucky enough to be the type to constantly cry and whine about it like he does. It's not easy, he explains, to share the pain of that; Sookie is so far out in front of the pack on this that it takes him a second to realize what she's saying, or how awesome it is: "If I'm with you, and she's with you, then she is with me. And I'm sure as heck sharing in that." She is with me, simple as that. I love Sookie. Even if she tells him to fuck off in a second, it doesn't change the fact that Jessica's hers now, in the family, just like Amy was, through Jason, before she died, or Rene through Arlene, before he stopped existing.

Bill swears he was just protecting Sookie, but she points out that if Jessica hadn't pissed off Eric and Pam, Sookie still wouldn't know about her existence: "That's not protecting me, that's lying to me." And if Bill lies about this crap, what else is he lying about? He says nothing, after a long silence, and I honestly think he believes that's it. Because it's the only problem that hasn't been solved; the other things he never told her were solutions, not problems. Nevertheless, she's not staying. She crosses her arms in her hotpants and reminds him how she's shared "every dark, horrible corner" of her life with him, and didn't get the same from Vampire Guy. "I'm a lot stronger than you think," she says, but then proves it by crossing to the door, walking through it, and heading home.

Cute little fetishized Steve Newlin (in Shreveport) from the Fellowship of the Sun argues with good old Nan Flanagan (in Tokyo) on a TV talk show. His first point: they've cheated death, therefore life has no meaning, which makes it easy for them to kill. (True.) Nan's first point, also true, is that they were all alive at some point, and remember the "joy of human life," and anyway, if life's so goddamn sacred why did several of Steve's "kind" find it necessary to burn a whole nest down three weeks ago? He is angry, shaking his head in mock bewilderment, as she explains that his assertion about the cheapness of life is really just an incitement to his nutsack supporters to come kill the rest of her people.

Steve reacts, as conservatives have seen fit to do more and more recently for some weird reason, by changing the subject to how he's a victim of all kinds of persecution. Well, and also that Nan's people killed his father, which is most likely true, but the whole victim stance freaks me out. The awesomest thing about being a conservative is not playing that card the way liberals constantly do, and now it's all, "Stop being so intolerant of my hate and intolerance!" Presumably because some smart conservative figured out that Democrats will do anything to avoid looking like the bad guy, including turning into Republicans, once you start accusing them of bias or hatred, no matter how stupid the accusation is.

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