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Sam's like, WTF is she drinking again? More demons? And Tara almost laughs. "Nope. That's her, stone-cold sober. Look, you should go..." How come? Why? "Because I'm just too fucked up for this." Right from the soles of her Payless shoes, that one. They both kind of lean back for a sec, like they're standing a safe distance from nuclear testing and the blast field just hit them. "I hate to break it to you? You're not even the most fucked up person in this house, much less this town." Not according to Miss Jeanette, but whatever: "What do you think this is between us anyway? Because we were clear from the beginning it was just gonna be us fucking." Sam calls adorable, obvious bullshit on that one, so she goes on the offensive: "What are you, a masochist?" Is that what they call people who are actually wise and strong enough to love other people without waiting around for them to get perfect? Seems off somehow.

"I've spent my life running away from people, or pinning my hopes on somebody I can't have. I'm done with that. Like it or not, you've reminded me that I'm a social animal. I'd rather deal with your fucked up shit than be alone," Sam says. Which is right up there with Bill's whole psychic blood Tantra vibe, as far as how messily romantic that is. I mean, it's context dependent, because "I'd rather deal with your fucked up shit than be alone" is also like 99% of marriages and civil unions, and as you know most marriages end in murder because settling for something out of loneliness is slow death, but the implied and unexpressed "And yet I choose you even though I am an ICBM of pure sex aimed at planet Earth, because you rock when you're not being an asshole" makes all the difference. Tara, at wit's end in the face of all this awesomeness, fully goes, "Well, here's some fucked up shit for you to deal with. Do you know that right now as we speak, I have myself thinking I have a demon inside me? And the only way to get it out is have some crazy-ass lady who lives in a bus out in the swamp perform a $800 exorcism on me? That there's no way in hell I can afford?" Girl makes a point.

Sam gives a good solid Wow to that one, and Tara's like, "See? Now I have proved I am unlovable! The only thing I ever wanted to be! Just like she said! There's a demon that's making me do this! Demons do not exist! Please kiss me! Stop me from treating you like shit! But if you try I will cut you! So now you are going crazy! Go away! Come here! I love you! I hate you! Mostly I might love you! Which makes me hate you!" Sam just kind of watches her melt down for awhile and finally he's like, "While it is true that that flavor of Tara is not my favorite, and you are bullshitting me right now instead of being honest, so now we're in a fight for no reason, I am willing to look past the imaginary demon because, again, you are awesome when you're not shitting yourself like a toddler. I mean, why is it that we all need to be loved, but then when somebody finally says they care, past every horrible gate you put in their way, you just keep running? I am capable of handling all the different sides of you that there are. I'm a shapeshifter too, numbnuts." And faced with that, she literally runs, grunting athletically, back into her crazy fucking house. "See you at work!" he hollers, and throws the bouquet -- brilliantly -- on her lawn, where it will sit and accuse her silently for hours and hours and hours. He's almost too good at this.

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