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At Merlotte's later, Amy's all over Arlene about her ring, coming out into the restaurant, and asks about the engagement party. Arlene -- also way too good at this, but with a lot of practice at this point -- projects entirely in Sam's direction, "I don't know where we'd throw it, you know, our place isn't BIG ENOUGH..." Sam rolls his eyes and offers Merlotte's, and she's all about how she doesn't want to impose, of course, so he assures her she's not, of course. "It'd be like any night, except I'd close the place to the public for you and your nearest and dearest." She gushes for a second before offering her suggestions further to this deal: "That would be amazing... Except I was thinking, could we maybe do it in the warehouse next door? Or even outside? 'Cause if we did it in here, it'd feel like work, you know..." and Sam's highly amused.

"You were thinking, huh? About the party I only just now offered to throw for you?" She laughs sort of hysterically, called out, and he laughs back. It's nice. "You are a spectacular man, Sam Merlotte!" He reveals his secret knowledge that she's one hell of a conniving suck-up when she needs to be, and she gawks at him, laughing like OMG she can't believe he said that. He gives her catering and the band, but the booze and incidentals are on her and Rene. "Got it. And I may be conniving, but I still mean it: You are gonna make some woman extremely happy one day." Still bruised, Sam wishes aloud that some woman would actually let him do that like one time, and when he cordially wishes the entering Sookie a good morning, she tells him there is not a fucking good thing about this fucking morning, storming to the back of the restaurant. Some fucking motherfucker killed her fucking grandmother and her fucking cat and she is in No Mood, no matter how bouncy her hair is.

On the road crew, Jason sits around with his noisemuffs on, loving the trees and listening to them, but not like with his ears but with his heart, and the idiot smile on his face that attends this behavior. Lafayette spits out his burger, bitching about the "Secret Sauce" which is in actuality mayonnaise, and Hoyt sweetly protests that he likes it regardless, but Lafayette is not having it. It's mayonnaise, and that's no secret at all, even if it tastes good. Jason grins at Rene and asks what he's up to, and Rene says he's going to take care of some fucking roots that have the wrong idea and are growing up through the sidewalk. He gets the jackhammer ready, and starts to drill, and Jason freaks out and tackles him, because God forbid Rene do his job. Rene immediately freaks out, because that was a dangerously pointless, stupid stunt, and tries to throttle Jason until Lafayette peels him off and away.

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