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"This ain't just some root growing up out of nowhere, it's connected to that tree! Everything we see, man, it's all... It's all connected!" When you bring back the good stuff from heaven or faerie, and try to show it to people, it ends up leaves and dirt and shit, which is why you keep it together and you keep it to yourself and remember the real world, too. The thing about bouncing back and forth between worlds, before you get adept at treading them both, is that you look like an asshole either way. To save that tree is to endanger Rene Lanier; you can't even hear Eddie screaming over the chuckles of the ticklish leaves. When people bitch about religion, that's what they're bitching about, because that's all addiction is, too. Lafayette hustles Rene away, who's still screaming at him with terror turned to rage: "I'm about to get married! There are people that count on me!" He looks like he could kill him, and I can't think of a good reason he shouldn't; Lafayette takes him away to take care of him, and Hoyt reaches out to Jason. Which is a bad idea only because he just got snapped back to the real world with a quick and ugly rip -- out of heaven, down into reality -- when he thought he was already there.

"Hey. Is everything all right, Jay?" Jason's anger is instant; he stares down at Hoyt's sweet hand on his shoulder and shrugs it off. "Tell me, Hoyt? Were you on the football team?" Hoyt hears the danger in his voice, but not the why, because the why doesn't matter. Jason grabs him roughly, even as he realizes he's fucking this up too, but too full of energy and fear and confusion, too full of salvation, to focus: "Were you on the football team?" he asks again, and pushes Hoyt down, in the dirt. Hoyt Fortenberry, who outweighs him by thirty pounds and six inches; Hoyt Fortenberry whom he knows would never hurt him, never raise a hand to protect himself. "Then you do not call me Jay. You got that?"

The only person better at being a man, meaning fucking, were the vampires he watched fucking Maudette, the vampires he imagined fucking Dawn. And then they were the vampires he imagined fucking, no matter how much it terrified him; the vampires he pretended to be, fucking Maudette and then Dawn, killing Maudette and Dawn and Amy. He's just like a little boy, trying on these costumes and taking them off again. And yesterday he brought the whole thing full circle: he fucked Amy in front of a vampire. A fat faggot one. See now? See who the man is now?

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