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The Rise of the Tyrant meant that Bill became God, but only managed to save a select few vampires -- the ones we know, plus some new ones -- from succumbing to the Hep V. On the other side of the story, Sookie (and Alcide) course-corrected again, after Terry's funeral reminded them that post-Great Revelation, it might be possible that live in the world instead of running away from it: That being supernatural might not be death, depending on the company you keep.

So this is two epilogues: Sookie dealing with the ramifications of her Warlow stuff, and what happens six or seven months after the end of TruBlood as we know it. They're sequential, rather than vertically intertwined last week, which appeals to me structurally, but I also like that the entire Warlow half of the episode is really about putting a bow on Sookie's journey this year: All year long she's had the choice between being entirely human or entirely inhuman, and somehow -- somewhere between Big John's song and her own acceptance by the community, as simply herself -- she was able to walk all the way back from her own funerary marriage to a less tidy but much healthier place.

She made a deal with Warlow to become his bride in order to save our vampires, but that ended up having little to do with it: Bill already had his son's blood, and Eric took the rest, and between the two of them they saved one tiny corner of the world. She didn't actually do much besides broker several kinds of peace that wouldn't last, which means this deal with Warlow is a loose end. We went from Sookie's Various Boyfriends to a boyfriend that was all of them at once, and a tour of the rest of them and all the sides of herself, and she decided to commit.

The showrunner said an interesting thing -- it wasn't a question I really had, but I can appreciate that people were confused by this -- where, in order for Sookie to come off less stupid than people somehow always want her to be, the sides of Warlow had to make sense. He thinks they oversold the better sides of Warlow to keep that going, but I think maybe it's just a question of attention span: He, like Billith, was always both at once. It's something I'm comfortable with, but I think if you need to oversimplify one way or the other I can see how it would make more sense to presume that Warlow wasn't really that bad. Of course he is bad -- his plan is gross, gross enough that it's a dealbreaker -- but he's also awesome. Like everyone that has ever existed, he is both.

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