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We build our culture around this idea because of other things having to do with gender imbalance and reproduction -- that women will be the ones having the babies, which means women are the ones who need to be regulated in the worst case or in charge of sex in the best case -- and the economy of etiquette and severity of our reaction to sexual assault is built on these things, so it's easy to dismiss or overlook the underpinnings of the idea here. We needlessly connect those very real social factors to the idea that if women's sexuality is hard to obtain, then men's sexuality is somehow a triumph, because the dick is more important than where it goes. That because our culture is based around the idea of not getting to put your dick places, that means the coolest thing you can do is put your dick places: Tops over bottoms, men over women, vampires over humans. Maypoles over the people dancing around it, giving it its meaning.

But that's a story about dicks. It's barely a story about men, much less women: It's a story about penetration and how it defines all of us. How can you be a danger whore when you're the one biting into yourself? What's whorish about offering to nourish someone else? How can that power dynamic possibly still favor the dick? We do that without even thinking about it, because the danger only goes one way: Dicks are radioactive. So what's about to happen actually answers and reverses a lot more than just the vampire/human dynamic -- the blood's always gone both ways, with differing effects -- but also the very idea of who's on top when it comes to penetration. You're not taking if I'm offering; your power is deconstructed when we're sharing.

Is there so much hate for the ones we love?
Tell me: We both matter, don't we?

Which is why, I guess, Sam sells the town on his and Bill's idea using sexually coded language, after the preachers do their grandstanding preacher stuff -- "I can't hear you on this side of the room!" -- and they play musical chairs in the church pews to mix the humans all up together:

Rev Daniels: "Take a look around... From this day forward, we are going to be one community. Because there are roaming bands of sick and hungry vampires out there, and they are on the march. Now these vampires are organized, to boot. They're hunting together, and they are wiping out small towns like ours. Because they think we's easy pickings. Are we? Are we easy pickings? Are we low-hanging fruit?"

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