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You Have The Sun, I Have The Moon


Alcide surprises Sookie at Terry's graveside, unaware she's still contemplating her own death and resurrection, and offers her a ride to the Bellefleurs' for the reception. She invites him for a walk; he was there when nobody else was, and he knows better than most what it feels like to walk away from a community, and to come home again.

Alcide, on Jason: "Some guys, you meet 'em and you just know they're always gonna be okay. Survivors."
Sookie: "I know, but I also don't know anything anymore."
Alcide: "That is what death does. You wonder if the ground was ever there. But it was, and it'll come back."
Sookie: "For a giant blue-collar monster, you are very wise. And hot."
Alcide: "Once I get this marmot off my head, that is."

The cemetery where they are is located precisely halfway between her house and Castle Compton, which is where the Vamp Camp refugees are headed. Drunk on light.

Alcide: "Daywalking?"
Sookie: "Bill was right? About everything? God damn it."
Alcide: "Well, there's Jason, so that's good. Let's get out of here. Or let me come with."

She said danger whore, at her darkest point: She was owning it, but it was half the truth. It was a shadow following her into the dark. There's a better word, there always is.

Sookie: "I'm a survivor too."

To love is to be taken apart and put back together, better: Do you want to be ripped apart?


"Bring the inside outside!" they scream; they never want to hide from the sun. (Maryann brought the outside in, and turned that house into a forest: Superfecundity, fast becoming rot.) One pair is having sex on a divan they've brought out to the lawn; they've thrown their prison clothes into a bonfire, and dance around it. Croquet, the Charleston, fucking, volleyball: Whatever made them feel alive when they were alive.

Vampire: "Who's making a Target run?"
Vampire: "Hell yeah, I'll go!"

Violet nuzzles Jason, in a corner of Bill's yard; he is falling in love with her, after all. Sookie ran around masturbating on porches, and everybody thought she was insane, but now Jason gets it. Soon, everybody will. Violet is violent, until Jason says who she is, and then Violet grabs her for a deep kissing: "Sook, meet Violet. She's European."

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