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You Have The Sun, I Have The Moon
Tara: "Obviously. You asshole."

Inside, Bill mournfully confirms that he isn't God anymore: Just a man. He can daywalk like the rest of them, but when he turned down her offer to ascend to Heaven bodily that was it for their connection.

Bill: "Ah don't feel Lilith anymore, Ah... feel like Bill again."
Jessica: "That's not so bad."
Bill: "For real? But either way, Ah have one more thing to do and Ah I am nervous about it. Ah ... may have sold Sookie out to a child molester. And now they're getting married. She's going to be a vampire soon."
Jessica: "The fuck? When's this happening?"
Bill, verbatim: "Imminently."
Jessica: "Well, that sounds like bullshit to me. Get your ass together."
Bill: "Being just Bill again means dealing with the acreage of bullshit Ah have pulled. Not just this season, Jessica, but also in many seasons previous."

"You said you were Bill again. Bill Compton would've walked through fire to save her life. Maybe you were an asshole, but right now you have the opportunity to make this right. Look, you told me I was here to protect your humanity, right?"

Jason: "Warlow? That motherfucker killed my parents! There's no way Sookie would agree to be his ... goddamn ... faerie vampire bride. What the fuck did you do?"
Bill: "Ah encouraged her. Understand that it was a fraught conversation with many moving parts and a complex emotional history motivating it. Ah may not have even been the primary reason she did this. But Ah'm pretty sure Ah was."
Jason: "Okay, before I kick your ass let's do this."
Bill: "Well, there is more. The Fae Plane can only be accessed through a portal in the cemetery -- or her bathroom, or a random bridge -- and only using a Fae's light. Thanks to various faerie massacres throughout the season, the only living Fae right now is ABCD, which..."
Jessica: "-- Jesus Christ, Bill."
Bill: "Ah fear we..."
Jessica: "Fuck is this 'we'? Have fun with Andy, I'm going back out to play volleyball."

Jason's bodyguard Violet joins the party -- "You'll never be alone again," she whispers possessively right in Jessica's face -- and Bill takes a moment to glamour and free Dr. Takahashi before they go to Andy's.

It is an oddly long scene -- considering this half of the story is two-thirds over and nobody gives a shit about the old goat anyway -- in which Bill explains what money is, and how the Doc never met him or Jessica and pronounces his name, infuriatingly, one more time, because when he said he was back to being Bill he meant he was going to Bill things up as hard as possible. So farewell, Hirotakahashisan. Nothing you did mattered and was usually contradicted by other things that people did or said, but here's a bag of money and thanks for the chance to watch Jessica prowl around in that hilarious schoolgirl outfit.

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