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You Have The Sun, I Have The Moon

He thinks she'll understand it once she's dead, but the truth is that if anything, it would take this marriage for him to get it: We were not designed that way. Souls don't ever stop. Not even Bill Compton stays in one shape for very long. That kind of love is a trap, and all he wants to do is pull her in with him. And all she wanted to do was make sure they'd both get out alive. But he can't see past himself to that, and it is getting dark. So she lightens it up.

Warlow: "Oh, come on. We both know you're not gonna use that on me."
Sookie: "No, because I love you. But what I will do is detonate it, and then I won't be anything special at all. I won't have the sun you need, and I won't want anything of yours, and if you turn me then you'll have something broken that you never wanted. I may have decided it's okay to be special, but if that's what it takes, that's what I'll do."
Warlow: "You really are a danger whore, aren't you?"
Sookie: "Survivor."
Warlow: "You were right this whole time, weren't you? I had high hopes for myself, but at the end of the day, even in Faerie, all I really want is to fuck you, and own you, and use you for your blood. And night's falling."

Ben is gone. There's nothing here to save. If Warlow is capable of winning, then Warlow already won: (+1) + (-1) = 0.


Andy: "And of course you brought Bill."
Jason: "2 - 1 = 1. He's just Bill, and we need him. We need everything. Guns, vampires, everything."
ABCD: "My ESP is telling me that Sookie is not having this. She's in trouble."
Everybody: "Thank God Sookie's upset. Way easier to beat hell out of an angel than talk her down from anything."

ABCD: "In other news, I'm two weeks old and have no idea what I'm doing."
Bill, for real: "Your light, its source, is nature. To which you are closer than any other life form. You need to try and harness that, inside yourself. Think about your blood. It nourishes you like dew on the grass."
ABCD: "This choad for real?"
Bill: "Ah am embarrassing to even myself, sweet creature. Maybe we should all hold hands? Ah am out of mah league."

They do the elephant walk, to no avail. It was sweet; in six months it'll be sweeter. But that's not the kind of life she needs, right now. That's not the verb.

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