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You Have The Sun, I Have The Moon

Bill: "Ah noticed that back around Maryann Sookie generally needed a fright."
Violet: "BOOGEDY!"
ABCD: "Ahh!"

The UFO opens. Violet might be okay, actually. At least they're not repeating the mistakes they made with Nora, telling us she's cool without her actually being cool. Violet's a handful of mostly bullshit, but at least when she rules she rules. They rush in, and a short fight later the whole crew has a drained Sookie in hand, elephant-walking back to reality, while Bill gets himself beat to shit. Maypole like a baseball bat, he knocks Warlow onto a nearby statue, but then it's mostly just beatdown city.

It's kind of sad to think that, once the prophecies are all met there aren't any prophecies to consider: This isn't a mother and son fight, or even a father and son fight; it's nothing anymore, they're nothing to each other. Just two selfish men who cared less for Sookie than what was inside her. But Warlow is the monster now.

Jason invites Violet into Sookie's house and they bed her down, feeding her until she wakes up -- smiling, like for a moment she's their child -- while Andy hustles ABCD down into Eric's cubby and takes guard outside.

Bill hurls himself at Warlow's feet as he's leaving the UFO, and they fight in the regular graveyard for a second until Warlow can get away, then they fly to the house. Warlow comes in, knocking Jason and Violet out immediately, but Bill can't follow. Warlow glamours Jason to find the cubby and then locks everybody in there with ABCD, who faeries with the lock while Warlow stalks through the house: Sookie's hiding in the shower, like back in the motel Jason will never remember, working on her nuke again; he finds her too soon.

Ben: "In 2000 years, you'll learn to love me. I know you've been hurt, but don't push me away..."
Sookie: "I am not your damaged pet! I do not complete you.

He can't even hear her. Niall comes as called, through the bathroom portal, and holds Warlow long enough for Jason to stake him. Sookie never needed vengeance, but then Jason doesn't know how far Ben pushed the Stackhouses to begin with, and never needs to. It's enough for him to avenge them now. Warlow dies. And Ben dies too.

It's night in Bon Temps, where all the TruDeath refusers carouse, or nap after their very long day. They can feel it going, when he dies, but it doesn't trouble them. They can mourn the light tomorrow. In Sweden, however, the day is bright. Eric sits on a lawn chair at the top of an ice-covered mountain, sunbathing, healing from his pain and sadness, reading a book: Den allvarsamma liken, by Hjalmar Söderberg -- The Serious Game -- is a Swedish treasure. A man and woman who fell in love too young, and never stopped, no matter where their lives took them. Ben's death takes him by surprise, and so he catches fire. Alone, heartbroken, naked to the world.

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