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Baby's Got The Bleeds

Gabe's got Jason dead to rights on a back road, knife to his neck, while Steve fairly weeps with rage about Jason's betrayal. Jason tries to apologize, to the husband of the girl who apparently just blew his cover, and Steve tries to get him to admit being involved with Area IX, and they are really frustrated in communicating for a bit. I don't think Jason ever figures out that his sister is here or that there's a war happening. So Steve goes, "You are snakier than a snake in the grass!" -- which you have to admit is fucking snaky -- and Jason begs his old buddy Steve to reconsider, but no. He closes his eyes, and intones in a holy fashion: "Say a prayer. You are going to hell. And you are going there today." It breaks Jason's heart, and he still doesn't know what the fuck is going on; Steve walks away to let his muscle do the work. And Gabe's eyes are clear, no blackness at all.

Daphne's dipping her feet in the lake, and there are some major acting issues in this scene that we don't need to discuss, but basically this scene made me less sad about her ultimate demise than I otherwise would have been. Sam cocks a gun at her head and she grins, and stands, and sighs: "Now what's that for?" Knowing he won't shoot, she gets in his face and asks if he honestly thinks she's afraid dying. He says she must be afraid of Maryann, given the link between the scars on her back and Maryann's grotesque Pan Hands, and asks if that's how she got Daphne to be her whore.

"It ain't whoring if you do it for love," she smiles, and he gets all uppity, so she explains she wasn't talking about him. She laughs and admits they had some fun, and he gets all offended and yells about how he trusted her and turned into a dog with her and was generally not a complete repressed basket case for like five seconds, like it's a bad thing, and she's like, "Okay. I was once like you: scared and stupid and weak and self-hating. Then I joined a cult!" She leans against the lightpost at the end of the pier, cheated out like in every other scene in this whole episode, and explains that she could have been killed, and probably deserved it, but instead Maryann saw something special about her, and "saved" her. Like in the Saw movie.

Which makes sense, I think: Everybody gets the Maryann they deserve, right? Tara gets a mommy and a perfect boyfriend. Eggs gets a guru. Sam gets his isolation and superiority about Bon Temps pointed right at his heart, since he didn't give in to pleasure the first time when he was a kid. And Daphne needed to be hurt, so she could be rescued: shown the limits of her animal freedom, so she knew where to delight. "Gave me a whole new life," did Maryann. "No fear, no limits. Just love."

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