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Baby's Got The Bleeds

No. First Hugo begged Isabel to turn him, but she wouldn't, which freaked him out because he decided that she couldn't allow him to be her equal, so therefore she's using him, so therefore Bill is using Sookie. Which Sookie is not hearing, around her clenched teeth, and she's certainly not about to be hearing about how her telepathy probably makes her a great trophy. He starts mooning over the Fellowship and, trying to get some of her own back, she points out that they seem to have completely dumped him. "Face it, Hugo. You're nothing but a fangbanging traitor to them." He gets worried and scared and tries to get the upper hand back, smashing on the chainlink and calling Gabe to come get him: "Gabe, she knows everything. You can let me out now!" No answer is forthcoming.

Sarah welcomes the parties to the church, family by family, gearing up for the lock-in, and when Steve approaches to talk about something serious, she smiles, girding herself. When he says Jason's name, she gets that scared, hung-over dead-eyed look in her eyes for a moment before she breathes in His light, and goes to tell her husband the honest truth. Out in the woods, Gabe's doing pretty well until he commits two horrors in a row: first by calling Sookie a whore, which is not something you should do in front of Jason, and secondly by calling Jason a sister-fucker, which is pretty much precisely how Rene turned into a serial killer, not to mention tacky, so it's not really surprising that Jason kicks the shit out of him -- in a truly bizarrely edited fight sequence -- and runs off into the many acres of Jesus.

Lafayette makes a call trying to sell V while he puts on his makeup for the day. He's wearing a cute t-shirt that says BITCH in swirly '70s sports-team letters and a big gold L around his neck. Out at the bar, Arlene comes in late and thanks "Jesus, Santa Claus and Hare Krishna" that Sam's not there (apparently Tara's under the impression that he's taken the day off to fuck Daphne, which is interesting) and pulls Tara into the bathroom, where Lafayette is finishing up. So Arlene asks why he's in the Ladies' room, and he asks why she and Tara, being skank hos, are even coming in there, and calls himself gorgeous and the rest of it, and Tara notices not only his pizzazz but also a distinct lack of limp, and before he can blink she's figured out he's back on the V (although the whole truth would probably kill her) and tells him they will talk about it later. He vacates imperiously.

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