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Baby's Got The Bleeds

Speaking of tainted, broken, abused oracles, Andy Bellefleur comes running in screaming for his cousin, who broke his arm. "I'm gonna kick your ass so hard, you'll be shitting boots!" he shouts, insensate to everybody in Merlotte's. In the midst of a collective eye-roll at the town drunk, Tara's worried: "Andy, what happened to your arm?" She jerks back as he screams, "I ain't talking to you, devil worshipper!" Sam creeps out quietly, back from his meeting with Daphne, and watches carefully. This room is as much a snakepit for him as for Andy. I wonder if that's not part of the reason he didn't come in today: not wanting to face them.

Not a problem for Andy. "I saw you last night. I saw all of you!" Tara asks, and he laughs bitterly. "Aw, go ahead, deny it. Laugh at the crazy drunk guy, but I know what I saw. Terrrrrrry!" Arlene's also worried, offering to call Terry for him (and kill two birds at the same time), and he goes, "Fuck you, zombie woman!" She's shocked, but he's not done. "Fuck all y'all devil zombies! Turning this town into a orgy from hell! I'll stop ya, I will stop ya if it's the last thing I ever do!" He runs out, as mad as when he ran in, and Sam stares after him. Arlene laughs, because she must: "Oh, my God. Did you smell him?" They laugh collectively.

As much as I love the disability thing with Sookie, my go-to explanation along with her addiction in explaining her ridiculous behavior, I love Harris's other explanation too: that in the south, it's about what you don't say as much as what you do. That to be a telepath in the south would be a terrible fate not only because of the communication issues, but because of the immense comfort in being a part of the overarching conspiracy of etiquette and polite denial. So there again, you have Bon Temps, where nobody ever says anything, and that's another blister Maryann's popping.

Eggs plays along harder than most, because he has more practice laughing these things off, and kisses Tara goodbye. He says hello to Sam, who is scared to death -- "Oh, hi! Nice to see you! Listen, about last night when I held you down to be ritually sacrificed by the Goddess who statutory-raped you as a child and has turned your whole town into orgy zombies? Sorry about that..." -- and looks at Tara, who knows something is up. Probably for just a second. And Arlene watches him, concerned again: "Sam! You look like you just saw a ghost!"

Jessica wakes up and Hoyt is scattering roses and rose petals. The room is lit with a hundred red candles, and Leona Lewis is playing, which is amazing, not only because the song kicks ass and because of the lyrics ("...Something happened/ For the very first time with you.../ I don't care what they say/ I'm in love with you/ You cut me open and I/ Keep bleeding love..."), but because the song is approximately as old as Facebook, and nobody else would know it -- not Bill, not Lorena -- and because the first time is every time, because they are inventing the world together: He is a boy, and she is a girl, and nobody else in that hotel or that whole town knows what that means. Not tonight.

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