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Baby's Got The Bleeds

She shoved him into a table and it conveniently broke beneath him, giving him a stake, which he brandished at her. She nodded; for a moment she felt like she'd won: "You hate me that much?" He asked again, but her heart was breaking: "I cannot live without you," she said, honest as ever. He bared his chest, and her eyes widened as he held the stake to his own heart: "You'll have to." She stepped forward, involuntarily, and he watched as she tore out her own heart, slowly, crying blood: "As your maker... I release you." He breathed, for the first time in years, and felt his freedom.

"You released me!" he shouts, against the door. "There was nothing left between us. What could you possibly have to gain from this?" She holds a stake to his back, bleeding love. "You're making a fool of yourself with that girl. You have no future with her. Everyone knows it but you." He turns around, and she holds it to his heart: "Someday, you'll see this for what it is, an act of love."

I have found a new love dear
And I will always want her near
Her lips are warm, while yours are cold

Release me, my darling
Let me go

There's a knock at the door; it's Bellhop Barry, asking for Bill, so she tells him she'll pass his message. Barry rolls his eyes. "Tell him Sookie Stackhouse is in the basement of the Fellowship of the Sun Church." Eyes wide, Eric hears: "She said the Sheriff's there, and she's in some kind of trouble." Eric is flooded with hope and new life, vanishing in a breath for the Fellowship, ready for war. And just as Barry's telling Sookie this is the last time he'll help her, Bill's door opens and an arm zoom-grabs him, pulling him inside.

Texas is a chessboard, so let's review. Stan and Isabel are at the nest, presumably, and Bill and Lorena are still locked up with Barry. Jason's just been shot. Eric's headed for the church, where Sookie and Hugo are along with Steve and the congregation, to save Godric. Which means next week, it'll be Eric and Sookie, and presumably Godric, in the church. And that means that Sookie must love Godric. No matter who he is, outside the light of Eric's adoration -- or what in his two thousand years he's done -- she has to have a bond with him that's stronger than her bond with Eric, or it's an easy fix. It can't be "save Sookie" part one hundred, because then Godric doesn't carry any weight, and they can save him or he can die, and it's got to be more complicated than either of those.

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