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Baby's Got The Bleeds

Back out of the flashback, Bill's all threateny and mean about hopefully Sookie's okay, and Lorena's patronizing smile slips; for a moment she's amazed and grossed-out, and then her heart breaks a little bit -- "You're in love?" -- before going right back into fake, awful, screeching laughter, plastering it over her tears before they can fall. She is heartbreaking, this lady. I can't remember when I turned around this quick on a person. She's like the Colonel Tigh of this show.

Isabel and Eric stand on a hill looking down at two Soldiers of the Sun and thinking about how they are retarded, but also scary because they're a cult. Eric calls them "scared little boys with Bibles and crossbows," and Isabel -- instead of saying "I was in the Inquisition for fuck's sake, I'm familiar with the concept" -- just points out that they're getting more and more money and cannon fodder every day. Eric fairly rubs his tummy thinking Nom Nom Christian Soldiers, but Isabel tells him to chill out. She says that she sensed some kind of thing going down, but Hugo calmed down relatively quickly.

Which whether she's lying or Hugo is, this means the traitor isn't Stan -- which would have been dumb and never was a possibility -- but one thing I love about this actor is how smart she is, because she honestly plays this scene like she's-lying-or-is-she, so you don't know if the traitor is herself or Hugo. Because if she's being honest, and spoiler she is, then it's him, but if she's the bad guy... It's a cool moment. This episode is very good about miscommunication, interruption, misdirection; it's fun.

Eric asks what on Earth Isabel enjoys about dating a human, and she gives that old Wolfrider rant about how humans "feel much more strongly" and how everything's all "urgent" and "exciting," because of their short lifespans. Eric goes, "Yes, they certainly don't keep well." She giggles and shakes her head like he's a naughty boy, and he asks if she's not totally grossed out by the idea of Old Hugo's old balls, and she's like, A) "No, I find it curious, like a science project" and then B) with only a slight change in tone or pause, redirects to what he's really asking, and ribbing him about what's behind it: "How does Bill Compton feel about your interest in Sookie?"

Eric swears that he's not interested in Sookie ("And even less in how Bill Compton feels," heh), and she grins at the side of his face while he brings it back to Godric. "Don't look at me like that," he says, hilariously, and then asks her if she honestly thinks these idiots could have gotten ahold of Godric and held him that long. It would take a grad degree in Boy to explain, but essentially it's the reason Roger's heart attack nearly killed Don Draper: You have to fight your father, but you can't ever see him fall, or the world will end. If Godric had been King of Texas, Eric would have fought to the death to become King of Louisiana, but he's just a Sheriff, so Eric can just be a Sheriff. What he's really asking is whether it's even worth hoping. She agrees that it seems implausible, that anything could overpower him, and Eric speaks from a dark place: "Not anything human."

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