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Baby's Got The Bleeds

Going off his suggestion that her blackout is from the pot, Tara gets frightened and starts talking about sobering up. Eggs kneels and lovingly puts his arms around her, promising that one lapse of consciousness doesn't make her Lettie Mae. (Because if she'd ever made her peace with the limitations of her mother, Maryann wouldn't be here, but also because of the Prom dress night that brought her here; the day she went back to carrying her mother's sobriety on her own back; the day Miss Jeanette carved out her heart and showed her that they would never be happy.) Tara's relieved and touched that he knows her so well, comparing him to mind-reading Sookie; he's kisses her, proud to know her so well in turn. Meanwhile, Sam shrugs into a t-shirt and heads to his office at Merlotte's, grabbing a gun from inside the fireplace and not the luggage he's usually grabbing and Tara should be.

Sookie's resting her head on some boxes when Steve comes into the basement, bushy-tailed as all hell and taunting them with bottled water. She informs him that they're coming for her, and he and Gabe agree that it'll be fun when they arrive. Sookie tries to warn him that he is dead meat, and he affects sympathy: "Oh, they've got you all twisted up, haven't they? With their... With their glamouring, and their empty promises, and their evil blood." Heh. She casts doubt on his version of Christianity, pointing out that Jesus would be ashamed of them, and he laughs, looking squarely at Hugo before pulling a chair up to their cage.

"Now things got a little out of hand last night, and I apologize for that," he Mayor-of-Sunnydales, and promises that they'll get breakfast and freedom once they answer a few questions. Hugo immediately starts blabbing, still sweating like whoa, about how they were sent by the vampires of Area IX to find the Sheriff, and how his name is Hugo Ayers, and hers is Sookie Stackhouse. You can actually see the moment that Steve Newlin's heart breaks, as he processes this last.

"Sookie Stackhouse? From Bon Temps? You're Jason Stackhouse's..." He swallows, sickened, and then angry: "Sister. Am I right?" Sookie, worried at the look in his eye, promises him that Jason's not a part of this, but he's already up and out the door, sighing at one more hassle today. Hugo rolls his eyes, freaking out and sick of being down there: "Hey, we sat down here all night waiting for your boyfriend to show up. You can play damsel in distress all you want, but one way or another, I'm getting us out of here." She asks him to STFU and he kicks some boxes, frustrated.

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