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My Early Life


Gate Guy: "Eric and Nora, why are you here? Did you fix the Army problem?"
Eric: "No, we forgot all about that because this isn't really a season finale so much as the end of a twelve-episode prequel to Season Six. Just let us in."
Bill: "Sure, whatever. Let 'em in. I can always feed on Sookie if I'm a bad guy, or it doesn't matter if I'm a good guy. I could still go either way, because this show would be nothing without constantly leaning on my ability to go either way to provide every plot."

Sookie stares up at the security camera so Bill can get a good luck at what he's been missing for the last... What, week? It's been like a week. Maybe two. But an eventful couple weeks. Bill Compton and his old friend PURE NIHILISM got reacquainted, for starters.


Barb, mid-rant: "...I can't ever find anybody, Compton and Salome are off buttering each other's biscuits half the time... You know, I hate to say this, but ever since Roman cashed in his chips the work ethic around here has just gone straight to hell."

Lewlin shits shimself while they're getting the camera set up, and you start to realize that Luna could possibly be about to blow the lid off absolutely everything here, and start the Holy War for real. And that maybe this is a good thing... And then she does. Skinwalks back into herself, in the bargain. And ol' Sam, still hanging around as a housefly, dives right into Barb's mouth and turns back into himself, splitting her open from the inside and saving everybody. Which is when -- having put not only the Lilithista pogrom on shout but also maybe shifters -- Luna keels over, maybe dead also.

I always thought skinwalking would kill you because, last season, it sprung from self-hatred. But this season, she's just been doing it whenever she feels like it or possibly from feminism. So there's no reason for it to kill her, and they've even talked about it on the show, and I hope the whole thing is just a myth since skinwalking doesn't mean the same thing anymore -- Bill finally having taken his rightful role as the character whose self-abnegation ends the world, as we'll see; Tara having finally managed to kill Tara and become a better monster in the process -- still, it would be a hero's death.

This is my favorite thing that was ever said by a human being in the history of human beings, and I know I bring it up a lot -- it's from Churchill's autobiography, My Early Life (1874-1904) -- but watching her in the camera, choking on blood and screaming the truth, it struck me again:

"You will make all kinds of mistakes; but as long as you are generous and true and also fierce you cannot hurt the world or even seriously distress her. She was meant to be wooed and won by youth."

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