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Which is logically true, technically, and having taken the struts out of the one thing that has kept Jason alive for years at this point -- his belief that a person's worth is always higher than the value of their darkest sin -- strands him in a weird part of the forest. "You're saying... If I hadn't been too messed up to protect them, that they'd still be here?" And while this is good, in that self-esteem is one thing that keeps people out of cults, she's supposed to be building him up right now: "No! You're just human! But vampires? Everything they are, down to their very blood, is seductive." Which he knows, from every angle; which pulled him once down the same path as Drew Marshall. Which he knows from every angle, because he still wants it. That feeling, in the sun and the rain, watching Amy soar.

"God. Ah. I should have done something. Could have saved Gran, Amy... All of them..." Sarah runs to him, feeling him come closer again. "I know how much it hurts. Trust me, that's why... If we can protect even one family from this kind of suffering, then all the loved ones we've lost, their deaths won't have been for nothing." He admits, suddenly, that he sometimes wishes he were dead, too. Perfect. She jumps on that. "God needs you! No. No, you don't have to carry this alone anymore. Give yourself to His light. Let Him carry this pain for you." And now she's got him, because that's not something anybody ever offered him before, besides Amy. They drop to their knees, on the Light of Day porch. "Heavenly Father, bless Jason, and protect his sister, and all those who are still out there, lost in the darkness..."

Sookie wakes up on a long leather ottoman, wearing her panties and a big red t-shirt ("Life begins at night"), in the middle of Fangtasia! It looks really small in the daytime. She checks out her back in the mirror, and Ginger comes running in with "A tubetop sandwich: Peanut butter and chocolate syrup!" I almost became a volcano my own self when she said that, but maybe it'll be good if Sookie can choke it down. Sugar, carbs, protein. In the grossest, fakest, most Gingeresque packaging. Sookie thanks her, awkwardly. "That's the thing about being with vamps, ain't it? You always forget to eat," Ginger laughs, totally upsetting as usual. "I've lost 37 pounds since I got this job!" All of it MARBLES.

Ginger cleans up the post-Ludwig TruBloods on one small table, and Sookie asks her if they "make" her stay there every day. "Well, sometimes I just come in for deliveries, but these days I've been coming in for..." she laughs awkwardly and tries to effect an immediate escape, but Sookie's on it: Oh my God I almost told her about her friend Lafayette in the basement Eric says I can't tell her...

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