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Sam is contrite on the phone, and just generally calmed down, because it's his last night in town and he wants to see his girls. Luckily for Tara, he thinks her no-show act is a direct result of their fight last night, for which he takes responsibility, which is awesome, because normally people only blame themselves entirely for your bullshit if you're Sookie Stackhouse. "Look, Tara, I know you're smart and you're tough, and you can take care of yourself. And that's all I'm asking you to do. Okay? Just keep your eyes open. And take a good look at the people around you. And be careful, okay? Just be careful." That is a really good way to say it! Good boy, Sam. (Who's a good boy?) He hangs up just as Arlene's running in.

"I know, I know I'm late, I'm sorry, Lisa decided to give Coby a nose piercing, like she saw on America's Next Top Model, now he's got an infection, so..." Sam laughs, thrilled to see her one last time, and tells her it's okay. "Just go ahead and get changed." She asks him if he's okay, and he smiles sweetly. "Yeah, everything's fine. I thought, uh, Sookie's supposed to be working tonight?" She was, and as Arlene explains, his smile falls sadly. "Lord knows I owe her one after... You know." He does. "Nice and understanding looks good on you, Sam!" True. Also: the color brown, most plaids, all jeans, nudity, and that one look where it looks like he's bravely trying not to cry.

Arlene takes off, and he stands at the bar he's losing, because he's losing everything, and now he can't say goodbye to Sookie or Tara, the two people he wanted to see most tonight. He looks at the pictures over the register, which we already know is a charmed place for him, a place for memories, and he smiles sadly at Sookie, and says goodbye. ...And there's that look now.

Jessica wakes up in the hideyhole, to a strange sound like pigeons cooing, maybe because the Compton house is a huge drama queen of atmospheric decay and probably supports an entire ecosystem, and she comes out into the house, calling for Bill in a beautiful yellow and white dress. Coming around the corner, she gets excited -- maybe Sookie's in the parlor, waiting on Bill -- and calls out Sookie's name affectionately, skipping into the room, but she's not there either. She stares all around, all alone, with Sookie possibly dying and Bill paying so much attention to her, and misses them. She plays one key on the piano, and the tone fills the house. She looks around, and suddenly feels left out, pissed off and lonely and overlooked. She smashes the keys with one palm, and heads the fuck out of there...

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