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She stares at the vein and promises he's not offended her. "Okay," he blabbers, "Okay, good, because I don't wanna... Scare you away... Would you like a drink or something? Or food? Um, you hungry?" Yes, she is. So hungry. She forces her gaze to his face again. "You should try the chicken fried steak, because it's, uh, oh... It's like a chicken and a steak got together, and ... Made a baby." She stares at him, the amazing words that come out of him sometimes: "This delicious, crispy baby, and um..." He laughs at himself, striking out, he can feel it in the air. He's so beautiful, and sweet, and embarrassed; he's so brave.

She can be that brave, at least. "I'll just have a bottle of ... TruBlood?" His eyes slowly, delicately raise, and she shrugs, apologizing. Waiting to see what he says. "B+?" She casts her eyes down, bravery failing her, and he says it so quietly, like a breath or a prayer. "You're a vampire? For real?" Afraid to disturb the night. Her mouth goes firm with bravery, and she meets his gaze. Trying to keep her back straight, before he shouts or hits or does what he's going to do. Praying for one more second before the fairytale ends, and they go back to the natural way of things. Not even allowing herself to hope.

He smiles, before he speaks. Completely unaware of her fear, her discomfort, her sadness, so intent is he on not fucking this up. Not letting this beautiful creature out of his sight. Not blowing it. "Wow," he says, and whispers. "Wow. That is... awesome." It makes me cry every time. They are the best actors on the planet, I guess, because that is what love is. That's what it should be like: I have this thing, you're going to hate me now/Coincidentally, I love your thing. Every time's the first time. Jessica picks at her lips; she feels that guilt we all know, when something good actually happens. That sense of mystery that you can actually have something you want, like the world opening up around you. Any house could be Maryann's house. "Bottle of TruBlood, coming right up!"

Bill doesn't love the idea of Sookie buying Lafayette's freedom with the Dallas thing, pointing out that she nearly died last night, but A) she's fine now, and B) don't fucking tell me what to do. Eric promises to pay for the trip and let Lafayette go, and she immediately tells him she wants five grand on top of it. Bill's shocked, but she points out between the constant dying of everybody and the constant demands of his family, she's missed a lot of work. "And I need a driveway!" Eric grins that she's getting cocky, so to get control of things again, Bill ups the price to ten, and says he's going with. Eric demurs, but Sookie agrees with these new terms, so Eric yells into the intercom and admires the fact that she's capable of surprising him, especially as a breather. "YOU DISGUST ME," she spits, and he suggests that perhaps he'll grow on her. "I'D PREFER CANCER," she coughs, and Eric whatevers to Bill that they need to bounce ASAP. "Ah will make the travel arrangements, but Ah will need yore credit card number," Bill says, which is hilarious in that way that Bill is always hilarious.

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