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Pam and Chow return, to report that they've found nothing. Human tracks, "filthy" animal smell, nothing they recognized. Eric sends them to ask around, and Pam scowls, arms akimbo, with leaves and shit in her hair and mud all over her shoes. "Pam? Those were great pumps," he grins, which makes Chow smile, but Pam not so much.

Alone again with Eric, Bill doesn't want to move Sookie yet, and Eric offers to take care of her. Of course, Bill's not going anywhere, so Eric offers him Longshadow's coffin for the night. Which is interesting. Not hugely interesting, but interesting, because that's so Eric: "You can sleep in the bed of that dude you killed, if you want. No hard feelings or anything, considering you paid out the ass for doing it already. It's kind of messy because he liked to eat in bed, but whatever." Like, why would that be weird now? Bill makes a point of thanking Eric for his hospitality -- Is that Bill etiquette or vampire etiquette? He's so mannered and stilted and dramatic it could be either -- and for saving Sookie. "I'm sure there's a way she can repay me," Eric smiles, looking him in the eye, and Bill realizes this is like yet another reason she's going to Dallas.

There's stuff floating in the stew that Karl is making. I think I see corn, and ears. He serves Maryann a bit on a spoon and she slurps it: "That's delicious, Karl. Could use a little more juniper, don't you think?" Karl, needing to please her right now so she doesn't beat him up again, agrees vociferously. She's arranging roses when Tara comes down in her robe, and she says she's having a party. Who knows how many people are coming? They laugh, because that's all they do is laugh. Maryann offers breakfast, and Tara's just asking for coffee instead when Karl hands her some. "I don't think I'll ever get used to people just doing things for me without me even asking," Tara says, and Maryann laughs, rolling a joint. "Well, Karl knows that if he wants to find real fulfillment in life, he need to learn to be of service. So everything he does for us is really a selfish act."

Which, I can get there for sure. Except again, not really the point, because firstly that's an ugly way to say that, and secondly it becomes very Tim Hunter Circe Tattoo, with the whole pig thing. And again: Gods need worship, so whatever. But you have to be very clear in a setup like that to be sure everybody knows it's a choice, or else you're not really gaining any insight. Like Jesus washing the feet, or Hestia's temple, or those nuns that wash the courtyard flagstones every day: They're doing it as a sacrament. Putting aside their pride and comfort for the good of others, and serving with their hands. And that's the most amazing, beautiful thing in the world to me. But if you forget for a second that you're doing it as a sacrament, then you're just on your knees.

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