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"So you're just gonna cut and run," Terry says, suddenly angry. "Just like that." Sam swears he's not running, and Terry spits. "Uh-huh. Remind me never to get stuck in a foxhole with you." He stares Sam down, getting into his truck with the banjo music again, peeling out, leaving Sam feeling worse than ever: "Coward."

There's maybe 20 people in the Jesus Camp circle, listening to an ex-fangbanger who may or may not even be one, hair all a mess and unbrushed, a billion bites all over her skin, crying, anxious. "He used me up. Till he got bored, and then he left me to die. I thought he loved me, but I was nothing but his living, breathing, snack machine!" Sarah thanks her, Missy is her name, and calls her "brave," and prays His holy light et cetera. Everybody randomly goes, "Praise the light!" and Jason does the whole churchy thing where he says the words a second after everybody else. Sarah asks him if he's got anything to add, and he begs off, but she asks him if he's wearing his honesty ring. He holds it up, sad, like she backed him into some rhetorical corner, and she nods. He prefaces his thoughts by pointing out that they run counter to their entire belief system, but she assures him that he's safe, smiling widely, hugely. She has the biggest, brightest teeth in the universe.

"...I ain't a vampire victim. The fact is, they have never done nothing against me. My sister's dating one, and from everything I can tell, he seems to treat her pretty decent. Well, except for the biting. But I think she likes that?" There are grumbles and some dude almost barfs, but Sarah tells them to chill, asking Jason to go on.

"Um. My girlfriend, she staked a vampire right in front of me. His name was Eddie, and he was gay? But he... He was a real nice person." Sarah gets intense, reminding him that Eddie wasn't "a person." She points at Missy's neck: "A person wouldn't do that, would they?" It only strengthens Jason's resolve, and he speaks more firmly: "Well, my Gran, and my girlfriend, were killed by my best friend. Just because he had a problem with vampires. And he was a person." (Several, in fact.)

Sarah feels the temporary power shift in the room, and cuts almost-angry eyes at him, like, "Why are you fucking ruining this?" And while it's compelling anyhow, it's also pretty intense to think about how all of this happened like a month ago. He's just like Missy: an object lesson, a person still living in the middle of his horror. He takes one look at that cold gaze and immediately all the feelings of love, belonging, all that drains away and he's sad again. "Look, I'm only here because I thought God wanted me to be. Thought maybe He had a purpose for me, some shit like that." He stands up. "Beginning to see that was just wishful thinking," he says, and leaves the circle.

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