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Huxley Smashcake's Ruinous Revenge

Sookie sort of laughs to herself, and her thoughts are suddenly audible. What am I supposed to do Bill doesn't want her to do this how old is he anyway he looks barely legal... Barry nods, "He's 21." That's weird, Sookie thinks. Almost like you read my mind. And before he can stop himself, Barry Bellhop nods again, without moving: I did read your mind. She goggles at him. Oh fuck Barry just smile and act like it's a coincidence. He smiles sweetly at her. Keep your stupid mouth shut... "But it's not a coincidence, Barry!" They stare at each other, his mouth hanging open... And he bolts, just runs like fuck, bellcap and all.

And Sookie, who has waited her whole life to know she's not alone, whose power is affliction and whose genius is torment, Sookie who's been looking for Barry so long and so hard that it brought her to love, and to Eric, and to Dallas, goes running after him, down the hall, in her bare feet, shouting his name joyfully, triumphantly, all the way around the corner. It is a celebration, a parade of two, and she goes tearing happily after.

We're not happy about True Blood being snubbed by the Emmys either. Find out who else we're mad about!

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