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The Dessert Of The Real, Or: Shut The Elf Up!

It's a great scene, the tension/relief of the scene, and it's nice to check back in with them, the sparkling chemistry of them, and see they're having people problems and not magical scary problems, and get the problem of their traditional(-ish) upbringings out of the way right up front -- and enjoy them being the best actors on the show, as usual -- but since nothing is ever okay on this show, all we've really learned is:

Their huge gross problem, whatever it turns out to be, will probably not involve eggs.

What it will involve, because they are the youngest characters and this is their role, is the disappointment of responsibility. Jessica's death made her a reverse-orphan and she's finally free! Sex and curse words and ice cream for breakfast! Except now all those urges her Daddy hated so much are crushing her with vampire strength and the whole immortal hymen thing and anyway her self-control is entirely her own. Magic doesn't change the cost, just the currency.

And then Hoyt is dating a vampire girl, which frees him from the conventional setup that he can't help but slide back into and for what: Living outside the box he was born to live in, no cookouts, no scrambled eggs waiting. The sacrifice of the life he always wanted. He thought he was escaping with this alternative-sexuality path his life has taken -- and he did, we do, when we follow our true passion -- but now what: Can't get married, can't have kids conventionally, churches hating him, everybody thinking he's a pervert, denied basic rights. And his reward? More problems, crazy weird problems and prejudices he never could have imagined.

Magic, whether it's immortality or love, always demands more than it gives. But without it, nothing means anything anyway.


Sookie flips through stations on her house's new flatscreen and then Jason comes in with hot chocolate. She chooses the one with marshmallows, of course, and he settles in on the couch.

Jason: "Shove over. I'm not lettin' you spend the night alone."
Sookie: "Yes, yes. I'm home now and you were worried. But the last thing I need is a cop in the house when werewolves and vampires are constantly trying to kill me."
Jason, it's great: "No, it ain't that, Sook. Just...having you back, it's about the happiest I've been in my entire life. And I don't want it to end."

Aww! She's touched; they discuss how they're going to try and contact the mysterious buyers and cancel the sale. (Mention is made of Sid Matt Lancaster, a very minor but fairly interesting character in the books, but who in the show was a good friend of their bad uncle. So it's best that she gets the amazing lawyer she'll get in a minute. Maybe they can give the interesting little flourish Sid Matt had in the books to somebody else, the same way they're giving Tara all of Amelia Broadway's characteristics one by one.)

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